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May 21 11 3:23 AM

^ No congratulations?

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May 21 11 9:08 AM

well this is just fantastic news to start the day with smiley: mad there goes my hope for a new single/album anytime soon. yeah ... happy day, expletives and such.

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May 21 11 11:12 AM


I m really happy for Reina, and wish she has a ahappy family life
meanwhile, i wonder if the other members will have the same feeling like Mina's time
just wanna tell you MAX, i can't wait for your new single

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May 21 11 1:50 PM

I signed up just so I could post in this thread. LOL

To be honest, I have to agree with NATE in a lot of what he says. Like him - and I'm sure any other fan who went through the misery that was Mina's shotgun wedding and the subsequent BS that followed it...I can't be totally happy about this. Especially after we learned that what went on beyond the scene was a thousand times worse than anything the most angsty melodramatic fanfic author could come up with.

Also, like NATE, and any MAX fan who's been around since way back when...I don't trust VF. I don't trust their press releases, and most importantly, I don't trust them to right by our girls at all

I honestly feel like I've been through too much at this point to feel anything other than really annoyed. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is...Did NO ONE learn anything from the first time around? Yet again, we've got a MAX member pregnant and married to a boyfriend we had no idea existed. It's ridiculous. Reina is in her 30s - she's a beautiful, still relatively famous woman, with a funny, sweet personality. It would have been very strange if she hadn't had a boyfriend. I would have at least liked to know about him. Not details, I don't care - just that he existed, so that this didn't totally come out of the blue...

Lastly, and this has been a theory for a while...I know a lot of companies  (Johnny's, and PS Company, and whoever manages AKB etc, to name a few) put it in an artists contract that they cannot date (or at least not tell anyone if they do, in the case of PSC) so maybe getting pregnant is the only surefire way of assuring that you'll be allowed to get married.

That and the fact that the fact that a lot of Japanese couples don't use any sort of birth control or protection...

*sigh* The one saving grace (and I use that term very loosely here) is that honestly, it's not like anyone made the most of their comeback with Mina. The group was still languishing, for the most part.

I just hope we get this single they were working on.

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JPC Admin

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May 21 11 4:12 PM

And here I thought there was a possibility Reina could have been a lesbian with all that female snugging she was doing in the Aki years.

I'm just scared for the group. I was so happy to have the original four reunite because it really felt like that was the only way MAX could live. And I'm most upset about the wasted potential. Like you said Claudia, it's not like they did too much, they couldn't even give us a proper studio album before something like this happened. So again, they leave us with no album, no tour and this time not even a new single. We better not get another best album.

I posted this on Arama and those people think the circumstances may be different because maybe Reina talked to them about it beforehand. Really? Then why did they wait so long to tell us that she wouldn't be apart of their new music. Reina even posted a picture of herself recording in the studio talking about their new CD. Why would she be recording if they knew she was leaving even temporarily. Unless, they're preparing us for a goodbye single they'll come out when she's 7-8 months pregnant. And that music festival they're performing at next week, they've been rehearsals for a while now. Nana is on twitter basically pleading fans to support the three version of MAX that will be there.

I hope they give us a new album of all the material they've recorded up to now. I know they've got tons, still waiting for "Like a Fiction." I'm fine with them promoting it as a threesome. And whatever they do, they better not give all of Reina's parts to Lina like last time. Imma cut a bitch if that happens again.

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May 21 11 4:55 PM

If anything, give nana more lines, at least she has improved after all these years, lina is still just as weak as ever. honestly though, reina has always been one of my least favorites, so I would be all for a 3 memeber MAX as long as lina does not get a bigger part.

I can't believe I haven't come across many pissed off long time MAX fan blogs, they all act like this is so different now. don't get it. what, because they aren't selling like they were with mina, this is not a problem. if anything, this mess will finish MAX for good now.

why do I keep getting more and more pissed as the day goes on.

unless reina was wearing "large sweaters" for months, they knew this shit was going down and probably just threw that "we're recording" line at us so we would think that we were eventually going to get something, and wouldn't fall apart when this news finally leaked.

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May 21 11 7:23 PM

So I've been thinking about this some more, and here's what I think is different. First off, Mina's pregnancy/marriage destroyed MAX.
However, this was in large part to the way the Minako handled the personal side of it with the other three girls. (And of course to the horrific mis-management of the post-Mina group). This time, I'm sure they handled things better between them, given that on the KinSmap episode, Reina was crying as she said "I just wanted her to tell us herself. We were best friends." So I'm sure that Reina told them as soon as she found out. I'm sure they talked about everything.

As far as the career side of this...I don't really think it's different than when Mina left, and I will believe the "MAX will continue activities as a threesome" line when I see it. As for the single, or whatever they've been recording...they must have known Reina was pregnant during all the recording. This is probably their 'Spring Rain' 2011. I'd assume they'd want to get new songs out before Reina goes on her maternity leave.

Also, if anyone is a lesbian, it's Li-chan. You know, the girl who has kiss all the other members and attempted to take off Nana'a underwear when she was drunk...

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JPC Admin

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May 21 11 7:47 PM

I can see Lina as a lesbian. Let's hope Nana and Lina are lesbians, less chance of anymore accidental babies.

But Claudia, I think I agree with your line of thinking. I hope the communication was better this time. And I will believe MAX is on hiatus until I see otherwise. I'm not sure that we will get anything with Reina at this point, maybe some songs but not like a music video or anything. From Nana's tweet it's just going to be the 3 of them at the music festival next week, so Reina is already on maternity leave.

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May 22 11 6:27 AM

let's release solo song for each member in 3 months interval with B-side as a group songs
i believe like Nate that they've recorded tons of songs
this will fill their schedule almost a year
and Reina come back with her solo then Album

i know i'm dreaming and VF wake me up smiley: roll

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May 22 11 7:26 PM

Well we're halfway there in the MAX shotgun wedding sweepstakes. Only two spots left!

Anyway, this group has barely been around lately anyway. So I guess I'm in the category of MAX fan who ain't pissed. I almost wonder if maybe Reina found out kinda late she was pregnant and was kinda like haha.... OOPS! and thats why things went the way they have.

If this ends up being the final straw and MAX is done, it sucks, but it was an awesome ride while it lasted. Hey, they should give Aki a call, she could MAX's perminant bench player! She just fills in when one of the others are out. But all honesty, after all the crap that'll come from this, hopefully they'll still be around, release a couple more songs, and come to America again, because I still need Mina's autograph.

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May 23 11 6:04 PM

I wonder if Reina will keep updating her blog while she's on maternity leave? I really hope so - that way she wouldn't drop off the face of the earth the way Mina did.

I also like how Nana is trying to spin this into something fun and special, how we get to see a limited time only 3 person MAX! LOL smiley: ohwell

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May 23 11 6:14 PM

smiley: laugh have to love nana.

I wonder if it will end up being 2012 before she's back and we get something. MAX, I hate waiting, why do you make me do it so much.

oh, forgot to ask earlier, my memory is completely failing me, where is 'Like a Fiction' from again?

Last Edited By: another truth May 23 11 6:24 PM. Edited 1 time.

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May 23 11 10:24 PM

They performed 'Like a fiction' at one of their monthly lives last year, iirc. Besides that, I don't think it's been released anywhere.

In other news my dumb ass has spent the last couple of days confused by the title. "Solo release? But she's pregnant...oh." heh. I'm not a huge MAX fan, but I like them enough to hope for more releases besides Eurobeat covers, does suck as far as that goes.

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May 24 11 1:08 AM



Nah uh. I've been waiting for MAX to come out with something and being patient about it like a good little ho on duty waiting for the money shot so she can get on with her life. Someone better give me this bitch's email address cause I wanna give her a PIECE OF MY MIND. CAUSE HOPEFULLY THAT WILL STOP THE STUPID. AND THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON THAT'S BROKEN (APPARENTLY).

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May 24 11 11:44 AM

I agree with Rizumu, and this is the same thing that my sister and I were talking about when I called her up to be like OMG it's 2002 all over again! She said, "The cover album was fine, just wasn't what I wanted." And I think we all feel the same. Tired of covers. Give us some more original music please. I really love Are you Ready? and Arabesque. That's exactly what I want to see from MAX...

I feel conflicted about this whole thing, because professionally, this sucks for the group. But as far as Reina is concerned...She's 33. If she wanted  a baby now's a good time to get started. Nana's 35...if she wants a baby, she'd better get on that. Koda Kumi wasn't entirely wrong after all. About the rotting amniotic fluid, yes, but after a woman hits 34 or so, it just keeps getting more and more difficult to get pregnant the older she gets.

Having said that, I sincerely hope that Li-chan and Nana are dating each other, so we don't have to go through this 2 more times...

Sorry, I don't know how I got onto that tangent. Anyway, it is so frustrating being a MAX fan. I feel like I've spent the last  decade or so (at least before Mina left, probably around the time Barairo no Hibi came out?) feeling like they have so much talent and so much potential, but for whatever reason (usually I blame VF) they can never seem to reach it...

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May 24 11 12:06 PM

They should all just get pregnant now and take maternity leave together. That's what SPEED said they'd have to do if they want to stay together

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