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Feb 13 14 10:37 AM

I usually shop from CDJ & HMV. I stopped using YA because I'm tired of waiting more than a month for the delivery and their express service is way too expensive.

I never tried though. They have great deals and the express shipping is affordable.

Anyway, thanks for the answers guys. If someone else has something to say about it, please join the conversation.

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Feb 13 14 10:14 PM

Has anyone in the US had delayed deliveries from CDJapan recently? An order of mine shipped out on January 21st and it still hasn't arrived. I always use the regular Air Mail option (no tracking) and my stuff usually gets here in about a week, two weeks at the most.

I know the weather has been kind of crazy over the last few weeks but everything else seems to be getting delivered just fine so I don't know if that's the reason why. I'll probably end up contacting them if my order doesn't show up by Saturday.

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Feb 8 15 11:40 AM

My two cents about the merchants discussed here.

I order a lot stuff, but what bothers me most, is CDJapan's "package was sent back to us, because of incorrect address"-problem, that only happens, when I don't pay extra fee for registered shipping methods. Even when I told them, that I have already used the same address for past orders and ask them that I want a proof by taking a pic of the packging, they say "sorry, we already have thrown away the packaging, but you can pay for another extra fee and we'll send you the package again".

The be honest, this only happens at CDJapan, when I order at other countries like China or South Korea, even not music stuff, I've never had this problem.

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Feb 8 15 12:06 PM

CDJapan also recently increased the shipping rates for FedEx which is now really expensive considering that here in Europe they charge you with a fee of 11 Euros + custom duties (VAT) on the day of delivery.

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Apr 7 15 2:38 PM

Hey guys, first time buying from and I'm having trouble understanding something they did. I ordered Kumi's WALK OF MY LIFE and Ayumi's A ONE at the same time but they just sent me an e-mail they shipped WALK OF MY LIFE today (already left Japan) and A ONE is still processing. Is this normal?

EDIT: I'm retarded. Nevermind.

Last Edited By: DeepFried Apr 7 15 5:46 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Apr 13 15 10:10 AM

Hi Guys,

Any recommendations for buying concert tickets? Would like to go to a concert in June and the middleman I found was kind of expensive. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Aug 4 15 7:51 PM

I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this but does anyone happen to know if the CDs produced by Sony in the early 2000s that had the copyright protection (labelgate or CCCD) would still have that problem today? I have extra reward points on CDJapan and I'm thinking about finally buying some Tommy february6 CDs but I remember reading years ago on YesAsia that at least one of them has the copyright protection.

I don't know how CD production works (like if they keep making copies as needed and if they would remove an old feature like the copyright protection if they did) so I don't want to buy the CDs if they're going to have the protection on them...

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JPC Admin

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Aug 4 15 9:33 PM

If the CDs were popular enough to get a reprinting, then it'll likely be CCCD-free. There's a higher probability you will simply get an old pressing with the CCCD protection still on it.

CCCD has never been an issue for anyone I've known, you can still rip it no issues. It's up to you though if you still want to buy that kind of product.

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Aug 4 15 10:25 PM

Thanks for the reply, NATE. I think I'm gonna go ahead and order the CD. The main thing for me is having it in my physical collection but I would still like to be able to rip it if something comes up. Hearing that others have been able to rip those CDs makes me feel better. Plus, like I said, I have the extra reward points so I won't even be paying full price for it.

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