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Aug 13 11 8:39 AM

^ yes it will. that was stated on shounen club site describing maru's 2011-08-12 performance
previously, koki also appeared on shounen club 2011-07-08, singing his new song, Anarchist
but, not sure whether koki's song will be in the album or not.

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Aug 13 11 9:04 AM

Awesome, this album is going to be great Koki's song is not bad but it needs getting used to, not bad at all! I hope the others will be having a solo too. And thanks ^^

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Aug 25 11 12:54 PM


no problem As for Koki's song, I like MUW more~~~
And I think other's solos will follow suit. Kame teased us in his latest manual saying he's doing something else than his drama & theater.
So maybe this album, or drama's single if we get lucky will be announced officially soon.

In the meantime, here's Solio new CM, coming out today, using & Forever, the B-side song from 16th single release.
or watch it at Solio Suzuki page here

And Wing product TVCM for pants also up on Wing's page today
They are using COSMIC CHILD, another B-side song from 16th single release as well, no worry no KAT-TUN in the CM lol~~~

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Aug 29 11 9:36 AM

i just realized that Maru is 28 0_o i thought hes younger than that.
i'm reviving my love towards KAT-TUN.i used to love them a lot during their Real Face days.currently i'm addicted to Rescue and Change Ur World.kinda outdated ,i know ;P Run For You is nice too^^

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Aug 30 11 4:25 AM

Wow, didn't think he was 28 already!

It doesn't matter how outdated they are, they are still great songs. And I have this as well, I haven't heard of them in a while and then started seeing the latest songs they've released and remembered how they're still great.

So much teasing, I want the album already

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Aug 30 11 6:47 AM

i read somewhere that once any of their members reach 30 years old, they won't appear on certain magazines anymore.
if that's true, so we got two more yrs since both maru & ueda are going to be 28 years old. i think ueda is 1 mth younger than maru.

they like to tease us A LOT. and if we can still use their words, they still owe us fans FAN MEETINGS~~~
these are as replacement of concert cancellation. so maybe we can include this in their teasing agendas as well apart from album & single.

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Aug 30 11 1:58 PM


Rescue is such a great song<3 after watching the pv, my bias changed from Junno to Maru lol Maaru needs more love ;D right now i'm watching Kat-tun World Tour 2010 DVD,they are great!its sad that their concert this year is cancelled/postponed(?) >_

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Sep 4 11 7:25 AM

Dream Boys started yesterday. Their goodies lists are awesome, and some pictures floating on the net do all 3 of them justice
Kame got his hair PERMED, Koki told fans Kame looked funny if his hair is wet with sweat, and Maru said goodbye to his 27 years old self yesterday during the show


Can u imagine Maru has to wake up & be ready at 4.30am for his Shuiichi program on NTV at 8.00am this morning, then he got DB show at 1.00pm O_o
And Kame after finished DB 2nd show which start at 6.00pm, will have Going! tonite at 23.55pm YAIKKSS

Hope they all okay. DB schedules are CRAZY!!!

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Sep 6 11 5:08 AM

It's hard to imagine they're this busy when we hardly see anything of them, but what the hell am I saying. They've been more active lately, there was a time where they hardly released any singles, like maybe once or twice a year and now we've had quite a few singles. They're pretty much ready for an album (you read that?!)

PS. is anyone missing Jin? And wanting him to be part of the group again? What's happening with him lately?

And a late happy birthday to Maru!!! *feels guilty*

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Sep 6 11 6:57 AM

I dunno whether those three got time to do anything album related at the moment with DB going on.
With both Kame & Maru also has drama filming. I think Kame's drama already started filming yesterday.
If KAT-TUN got to do Kame's drama theme song, I can see single before album. But maybe I am wrong.

Lots of TV and newspaper coverage yesterday about DB as well.

English Translation:

Coverage by Wide Scramble Program:

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Sep 8 11 4:13 PM

they really caught us on this lol, coz we were so busy talking about single & album.
then, BAM they came to us with a pleasant new surprise

KAT-TUN will have a new TV show NTV starting Oct 18, 2011 at 11.58pm every Tuesday
It's called 「KAT-TUN no zettai mane takunaru TV」or 「KAT-TUNの絶対マネしたくなるTV」

It's more or less the same time slot with Cartoon KAT-TUN before (which was on Wednesday at 11:55 pm to 12:26 am).

Anyway, I am so happy for them. Can't wait to see them squaable again lol.
They were so noisy during their DateFM radio broadcast, so I expect the same whenever all 5 of them together on TV

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Sep 8 11 6:30 PM

i don't think Johnny ever given-up on them, by looking at what they are garnering KAT-TUN to do.
it's just that probably they were a bit different than before with them concentrating more on TV appearances nowadays.

with kame - gospo, dramatic games, drama on ntv.
maru-gallileo, shuiichi, drama & another program just announced.
koki and euda, i forgot the tv programs names that they appeared in.
just waiting for junno's after his latest drama completed already. BTW, he went to watch DB's 6pm show today (9/8).

or probably that's the way to fill-in their time after their concert cancellation, before new one being announced, hopefully.

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Sep 18 11 7:05 PM

It's an interesting change and seems more radical then when Koki first shaved his head or Nakamaru. Now for only Kame and Junno to shave their heads.

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