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Sep 30 13 2:27 AM

Longer preview of Kame's song with Tamaki Sayonara Arigatou.

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Oct 9 13 9:56 AM

Koki has had his contract terminated so he is not only no longer in KAT-TUN but not in Johnny's as well.

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Oct 12 13 9:29 PM

KAT-TUN appeared on Shuichi on 10/13 announcing their LIVE KAT-TUN 2013 at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on 12/30 and 12/31. So they won't be at Johnny's Countdown on 12/31. At the same time, they will release Kusabi as part of Mini Album on 11/27.

Rio, we need you now to change the thread title TQ!

Shuichi Clip.

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Nov 21 13 11:46 PM

KAT-TUN performing Kusabi on LIVE MONSTER on 11/17.

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