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Dec 30 12 8:31 PM

Longer version of Steps to Love

Brand New Day

Both songs included in LE1 20th KAT-TUN Single out on 2013/2/6.

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Jan 24 13 1:28 AM

The Preview!! smiley: embarassed I really like the sound of both song. Wasn't fond of Connect&Go before, but it sounds really good here esp with the dancing smiley: eek 

Can't wait for the full version smiley: roll

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Feb 6 13 12:17 PM

Expose PV is disappointing. But Connect&Go PV makes up for it. Nakamaru's PV is kind of nice too. I've seen people complaining about cheap effects and what not. I don't really know much about that but overall the PV works for me. I like the song and Maru dancing and the shots of him on the street at night. The intro part with beatboxing seems a little out of place with the PV but i've come to think of it more as a separate clip just for Maru to showcase his skill and it's actually fun watching him and i like the background they put in.

Their perfs were really good esp the one on MS. Love it!

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Feb 14 13 6:30 AM

The CM is cool! I was hoping for this kind of image for the PV. oh well... the timing is a bit off, isn't it? i wonder why they didn't wait for the CM to come out first, or at least released in the same week.

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Feb 19 13 6:41 PM


Above is part of Ore Ore, Kame's movie new flyer. We can see there stated its theme song called FACE to Face by KAT-TUN. There will be Ore Ore event on 2/21. Hopefully some annoucement soon.

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Feb 24 13 9:35 PM

I like what I've heard of Face to Face so far smiley: smile

BTW, Nakamaru got a drama role for the upcoming season. He's not the lead but a major supporting one. Can we wish for KT to sing the theme song? smiley: tongue

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Mar 22 13 4:32 PM

New theme song for Kame's Giants relay program, Dramatic Game 1844 has been revealed. Another song by KAT-TUN called DRAMATIC.

So now we have 2 new songs. No release date or which one will be their 21st single announced yet!
1. FACE to Face (Ore Ore Movie Theme Song)
2. Dramatic (Dramatic Game 1844 2013 Theme Song)

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Apr 1 13 8:22 PM

During KAT-TUN Gatsuun radio program on 4/1, Junno, Koki and Maru announced that KAT-TUN's 21st single FACE to Face will be released on May 15, 2013. FACE to Face is the theme song for Kame's movie Ore Ore which will be released in cinemas on May 25, 2013. If I am not mistaken, it will be Ueda's solo this time around, after Koki and Maru before.

Note: Need someone to help change the title of this thread. TQ.

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Apr 1 13 10:08 PM

We def need the thread title update. Thanks in advance too. smiley: smile

I'm excited about the new single. DRAMATIC is nice. Hope it'll be one of the B-sides. It's more poppy than their usual but it works well as a sport theme song.
Wonder what Ueda will come up with this time. I usually like his song but can't imagine what he has in store for the PV.

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