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Dec 3 12 9:18 PM

Exciting to hear that they'll have another single soon! I wonder what direction they'll go in this time.

Also, they recently released an 18 track "digital live album" of one of their recent concerts via iTunes (Japan only, so far).
3.アルクアラウンド (arukuaround)
4.セントレイ (sentorei)
5.モノクロトウキョー (monokurotokyo)
6.フクロウ (fukurou)
7.壁 (kabe)
8.ネプトゥーヌス (neptunus)
9.『バッハの旋律を夜に聴いたせいです。』 (bach no senritsu wo yoru ni kiitasei desu.)
10.ホーリーダンス (holy dance)
11.インナーワールド (inner world)
12.サンプル (sample)
13.僕と花 (boku to hana)
14.僕と花 (sakanaction Remix)
15.ネイティブダンサー (native dancer)
16.アイデンティティ (identity)
17.ルーキー (rookie)
18.エンドレス (endless)
It's a nice mix of old and new stuff! I have listened to it and the transitions and the remixes between songs are amazing.  The intro especially was a nice touch. I wonder if these are elements of a future song, it's very tribal.

The US iTunes store now has the Yoru no Odoriko single (all 3 songs) and its PV!! That's a step in the right direction, everything else is only there in the form of album releases.

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Jan 5 13 8:18 PM


FujiTV recently posted a short trailer of the new drama [dinner].

You can hear bits of Sakanaction's new single in this preview. 

This time, the drama looks more light hearted, and the song is much more dance-able. hahaha.
Yay, they brought back the group chorus sound! smiley: roll

The drama starts on the 13th, so I imagine that a longer preview will follow soon.

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Jan 7 13 5:31 AM

"HighApps Vol.10 SPECIAL!! ~2013 New Year Rock Party!~" at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on Monday, January 14 will be streamed on Ustream.
Streaming starts at 14:20 JST.

Performing artists: sakanaction  /  avengers in sci-fiLITE  /  SEBASTIAN X  /  Predawn  /  The Flickers  /  kidorikidori  /  Kimyo Reitaro  /  bonobos  /  arukara  /  FREE THROW (DJ)  /  KANA-BOON (Opening Act)  /  The Oral Cigarettes (Opening Act)

Program name: HighApps Vol.10 SPECIAL!! ~2013 New Year Rock Party!~
Date: Monday, January 14
Streaming start time: 14:20 JST

Ustream page:

HighApps OHP:


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Jan 15 13 3:47 PM

"Music" sounds cool!

There's 3 new releases listed for March 13th:
VIZL-519 Price: ~4200 yen
VIZL-520 Price: ~3800 yen
VICL-63999 Price: 3000 yen

It looks like they are an album (atleast the first two) not sure about the other one.

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Jan 15 13 8:47 PM

dso wrote:
"Music" sounds cool!

There's 3 new releases listed for March 13th:
VIZL-519 Price: ~4200 yen
VIZL-520 Price: ~3800 yen
VICL-63999 Price: 3000 yen

It looks like they are an album (atleast the first two) not sure about the other one.

Given the high price of the first two, the third is most likely the regular edition. 3,000 yen is a pretty standard album price.
Looking back, DocumentaLy had 3 versions, ver1.with DVD, ver2.with Deluxe Booklet, ver3. Regular 
We should expect something similar with this.

Also, smiley: rollYAY ALBUM! With only 3 singles on it. Well, they could throw B-sides on it, like they did with Years & Holy Dance.. but either way, there will be a lot of new songs. Neptunus will probably appear, or the Boku to Hana remix. All of the singles are tied into promotions, I think this will be really good for their album sales!

The new single is interesting, it sort of reminds me of almost all of their past singles combined.
They build it up even more than they did with Yoru no Odoriko. That last chorus is nonstop! I can't wait to see the PV.

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Jan 19 13 4:17 PM

I checked USA iTunes again, and they actually added the "SAKANAQUARIUM 2012 ZEPP ALIVE" concert audio album. it's $9.99 for the set of 18 tracks.

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Jan 22 13 11:25 AM

2013.03.13 OUT

First Pressing CD+Bls-ray

CD+DVD Edition

CD Only Edition

both Blu-Ray Disc and the DVD will have live videos and documentary. however, the Blur-Ray Disc will have additional video clips

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Jan 25 13 12:21 AM

Does anyone know where I can find the PV for "Music"?

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Feb 9 13 2:16 PM

new album is titled "sakanaction"

First Pressing Cover

Regular Edition Cover

Blu-Ray and DVD Tracklist:
-version21.1 fourth




VIDEO CLIPS (Only available on Blu-ray)

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Posts: 128 sakanaquarium

#173 post_url

Feb 12 13 7:10 PM

Helloooo first press pre-order, that cover is gorgeous. I'm so proud of them; they're great people creating innovative and awesome music that just never fails to be something I - and others - love. :)

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Feb 14 13 12:22 AM

Tracklist for the album:

01. intro
03. ミュージック
04. 夜の踊り子
05. なんてったって春
06. アルデバラン
07. M
08. Aoi
09. ボイル
10. 映画
11. 僕と花
12. mellow
13. ストラクチャー
14. 朝の歌
15. 『バッハの旋律を夜に聴いたせいです。』 (Ks_Remix) [Limited Editions Only]

YESS.  So many new songs!  Almost preordered a CD+DVD copy, but since DocumentaLy got one, I'm holding out for an OS edition.

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Feb 14 13 9:03 PM

Did they seriously just flip the cover upside down to make the regular cover? Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r

It's cool, it looks like a floppy disk.

I know it only has 3 singles, so there's going to be a lot of new music no matter what, but I can't help but suspect that a few of them are just shorter non-standard songs.
I wonder if Track 10 is Music's c/w track with a more polished sound.

I'm excited for the later portion of the album, since both dance singles appear so early. It seems like a bold move unless something really amazing is there to balance it.

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Feb 28 13 5:47 AM

I just heard Aoi... EPIC track! This is what I love them for! Seriously cannot wait for this album - my most anticipated release in the coming months so far.

Like the covers as well.

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Feb 28 13 2:07 PM

^Likewise. This album is definitely my most anticipated of what's been announced thus far this year. It just has all of the potential to be amazing - and if Aoi is any hint of what's to come, it will be.

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Feb 28 13 5:47 PM

Aoi sounds great!

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