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Mar 4 13 10:38 PM

Tower Records posted the track details and it seems like the only instrumental tracks will be INORI & Structure. (because there was no mention of lyric credits on those tracks) Those are co-arranged by AOKI takamasa, who did the YES NO remix on the Identity single. (The intro track doesn't have lyrics either, as expected) He has an interesting sound so I trust that these will be great.

There's so much new music and the Bach remix is over SEVEN MINUTES LONG. 71136fd96943b08942b082089991c3dea09bce0b_r

I can't wait for this album, but somehow I'm still looping MUSIC on a daily basis. It's kind of funny how they put the most literal song title on the album with the most literal title.
I still don't understand why MUSIC is such a great track. I was listening to it today and it's obvious that it's the same basic melody played over and over as the entire song (just with different intensities/instrument combinations,) yet it's nearing my favorite single from them. 

Also, what is the meaning of the PV? I think the girl and the gray people are the lyrics of the song. The instrumentals cause different events and items.  The bass feature part creates rain and umbrellas. The gray people are in the way of the girl's seat when the cymbals become heavy and Yamaguchi types on his phone. The first time the cymbals come in, strips of paper fly everywhere. She opens the door and Yamaguchi yawns. When the last chorus part begins, they all run like crazy, as Yamaguchi types rapidly. It looks like a chase, but the gray people pass her eventually... The gray people disappear after the songs reaches the LALALA part. So they must be the lyrics, but why do they appear in Yamaguchi's room right before that? What about that creepy wig at 4:59, it also appears on the folded poster included with the single. It vaguely reminds me of the end of the Bach PV, when reality sets in and Yamaguchi realizes that he isn't actually kissing the beautiful woman. Then with the wig, I think of ROOKIE when Yamaguchi is the dead woman in the green dress.

Aoi is wonderful! It's interesting how they changed the format to big group vocals as the verses and Yamaguchi solo as the chorus. I don't know what to expect from the album but I'm really looking forward to Aldebaran. Also, Nantettatte Haru because the format of the title seems different from most of their other songs. It's weird to say but it looks very idol pop, somehow.

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Mar 13 13 11:46 PM

Really wasn't feeling the album after one go with dinky little headphones, but I was blown away when I played it in my car!  I'd say it's their most cohesive album yet; only "Boku to Hana" and "Yoru no Odoriko" feel out of place.  Nothing's stuck with me right away like "Monochrome Tokyo" or "Endless", but overall I think it's a much stronger album.  Favorites for me right now are . . . basically everything except "INORI" and "Structure" (which could honestly both be shortened or just left out); "M" isn't getting as much love either since I'm not digging Emi's solo vocals.  "Aoi" gets major brownie points for flipping their formula in reverse and "Aldebaran" is super catchy!

The JPS rip doesn't have the "Bach" remix so I'll have something new to look forward to besides all the DVD contents when I get my copy! B0b268e653b8a40783297dc6ad6c1609b0cb7980_r

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Mar 14 13 6:19 PM

Listening to the album now and I noticed something really weird: 3 tracks last exactly 5 minutes 23 seconds... Is there a meaning behind this or just a coincidence? Seems too long of a length to be just a coincidence lol

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Mar 15 13 12:47 AM

On the iTunes page, it said 5:22, I noticed it as well, maybe it's hinting at a May 22nd release? This date is a Wednesday, meaning something could potentially could come out. I noticed that 2 of those tracks were made with the help of AOKI takamasa. If it is something significant, maybe they'll have a project together. Also since they were instrumental tracks, it would have been much easier to intentionally make them that exact length. The only other track with this duration is Music. It seems likely that Yamaguchi would do something clever like this, his friend Koide Yusuke, (frontman of BaseBallBear) once used the line 0902 in a song released in Jaunary and they released an album later that year on September 2nd.

Wait, what if you played the songs simultaneously? F6c2644685b854938fd9edcf70ab67ce9a48e93e_r Maybe they become a new track.

The reversible cover represents the sides of a coin, it makes sense now, considering how the album is dance songs on "heads" and more laid back songs on "tails"

I think they made it really experimental because they had so many free spaces for tracks. I'm actually happy about the direction, because their increased popularity and presence in popular culture (the dramas and tie ins) gave me the impression that they would have to change to something more conventional, but this isn't the case! They debuted #1 on Oricon while keeping their experimental side. smiley: roll

With only a few singles on it, they could make the songs that are supposed to grab you immediately, get really creative with some of the others, while cohesively putting the bulk of the album together with only one deadline in mind. It was very electronic this time, Aoi is the only song with rock guitar presence. I was shocked by that move. It almost makes me wish that I didn't hear the track ahead of time, it would have been nicer as a surprise. Also, I wonder how they'll play these live, for example, will Ami be on her synth keyboard instead of bass for more tracks, or will they give the songs more of a rock band sound when they are performed. What about Iwadera... Will they work an actual guitar into these? Maybe he'll just use pedals to add to the dance music sound.

I was impressed by the distinct way a lot of the songs were sung. (The syllables in Nantettatte Haru's chorus, Aldebaran's repetition, or Aoi's repetition of certain words in the chorus, the bounciness of M, the really continuous part of Boil smiley: laugh that made Yamaguchi lose his breath, the smoothness of Mellow's last choruses.)

It seemed very well balanced and they placed the singles in the best spots as far as where they would make sense for the flow of the album. M seems like an Arabian cousin of Yoru no Odoriko, the way it's sung also makes me think of Omotesando 26ji, not only the Emi part, Yamaguchi as well. Why is it called M? I didn't notice anything in the lyrics that revealed it. I enjoyed INORI more than I expected, and Mellow has a nice conclusion. I really liked tracks 5 through 9 the most. Nantettatte Haru & Aldebaran are so cool, I hope they try more songs like these, and they are perfect leading up to M. Boil is beautiful! They really improved Eiga with the proper ending, I knew it was going to be a revisit of Music's B-side, it just seemed too much like a teaser for something to come up later. Structure is an interesting track, it's like a folk guitar and someone puts on a 90s hip hop beat, and then later it turns into a hold hands around the world for peace song.

I was hoping that they would put some surprise twist in Asa no Uta, but it was a nice ending just the same. I'm excited for the Bach remix, I will try to wait until my copy arrives. From what I've seen online, hardly anyone in the English speaking fanbase has heard it. I think it's because of the worldwide iTunes release being the main source of the album that is being distributed, since it wasn't included there.

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Mar 16 13 5:42 PM

Regarding my theory about playing INORI & Music simultaneously because they were the same length, the album's documentary reveals that INORI, at one point was part of Music. It's sad because this was such a badass track, but both were toned down in their final versions. It probably would have been too dancey and like actual club music for the drama opening though. I want a version with the female vocals in the chorus. Please Sakanaction, remix it like that on the next single or play it live like this in the future. They probably still have the computer file. It was a lot more rock guitar centered too.

It was hilarious when Emi was fooling around during the Music recording and played the Bach no Senritsu... piano solo on xylophone! Clap
Speaking of Bach, the remix is pretty cool. It's dancey, yet, dreamy. It matches with both sides of the album, amazingly. There are parts that make me think of this song at times. Also, it's the Ks_Remix because Kusakari was the last member to edit the file. From what I understood, there is an ending initial that gets added when they edit a music file. The bass is probably the most distinct part of the song, so it works as a remix name.

This isn't quite the album documentary on the DVD, because some of the footage is 2013, but it's a pretty interesting clip.

You can see the original tracklist titles @5:32. 
Kami no Ko, Midnight Coffee? Nantettatte Natsu??  M(Joshi SabiDisco)? I can't identify #5 or 15

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Aug 2 13 3:47 AM

@taopriest THANK YOU!!
but If you don't mind, can you put to another link?
I can't DL from dailymotion :3

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Aug 2 13 2:25 PM

@NanSan Ogawa

To download from Dailymotion you can try it with JDownloader.

Or use the [email protected] that arrived just now in your PM box! :-)

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Dec 14 13 1:16 PM

Cover art and tracklist for new double A-side single "Goodbye / Eureka."
"Goodbye" is a CM song for Toshin High School, while "Eureka" is the ending theme song for the movie "Judge!" ("Identity" is the main theme song).

Cover art:
(Jacket Artwork: Kamikene (Hatos))

サカナクション 9th Single 「グッドバイ / ユリイカ」  (Goodbye / Eureka)
2014.01.15 Release

[First Press Limited Edition]  (CD+DVD)   VIZL-607   ¥1,890 (Tax included)
・ CD jacket sticker (booket cover)
・ Visual and typography design booklet (40 pages)

[Regular Edition]  (CD)   VICL-36857   ¥1,260 (Tax included)

CD Tracklist:
1. グッドバイ  (Goodbye)
2. ユリイカ  (Eureka)
3. 映画 (AOKI takamasa Remix)  (Eiga (AOKI takamasa Remix))

DVD Tracklist:
1. ユリイカ MUSIC VIDEO  ("Eureka" MUSIC VIDEO)
2. Behind the scenes of SAKANAQUARIUM 2013 sakanaction -LIVE at MAKUHARI MESSE-


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Dec 28 13 5:57 AM

The PV Reminds me w/ 「aisu~time by 大塚愛 feat. SU (frm Rip Slyme」

The single will be have different sticker bonus depends for people who bought at Tower Records, TSUTAYA, Lawson, & Lawson.
source: natalie & ro69

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Aug 4 14 7:28 AM

sakanaction studio live tomorrow, Tuesday, August 5 will be streamed on Ustream.
Starts at 22:30 JST.

Program name: sakanaciton Sample STUDIO LIVE
Date: Tuesday, August 5
Scheduled start time: 22:30 JST

Ustream page:


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