Apr 25 11 7:11 AM

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As mentioned here, we at jpopcentral.com would like to develop a news staff - called the "jpop crew". Though anyone can READ the forum, to join this subforum and add news you MUST request membership in the linked thread and follow our simple rules:

1) use the following formatting:

2) Try to use the original source of the article, so even if you got the new from Kawaii-Jim's Jpop blog, go further and see if there is a more legitimate news source - such as either the original Japanese article itself, or if it is a CD/DVD release, a link to the information from the vendor website (ie Barks, CDJapan, HMV, etc.).

2a) I know a lot of our users post and contribute to aramatheydidn't as well, and I like that site. I only ask that if you get info from them, of course credit the original author/translator if you weren't the person who contributed the article in the first place. I just want to keep everything fair and clear so that information isn't passed off as our own when it might not be.

Here is two examples of what we're looking to achieve with this forum: example one and example two.

Nothing crazy, and I also encourage diversity, so any and all news on drama, anime, J-Pop, J-Rock, idol music, J-Urban, that's why I would like a strong contributing staff so that we can have both easy access to news items and more encouragement for discussion.

Again, please join us! This is going to be fun.smiley: happy

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