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Apr 24 11 10:40 AM

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Name: SoulJa
Birthdate: 1983/11/1
Birthplace: Tokyo
Hobby: Playing with his pet dog Rui
Specialty: Mountain biking (downhill); snowboarding


(2010/5/26) はなさないでよ feat.青山テルマ (Hanasanaideyo feat.Aoyama Thelma)
(2010/4/14) うまく言葉にできないけれど feat.果山サキ (Umaku kotoba ni deki nai keredo)
(2010/1/20) Way to love ~最後の恋~ feat.唐沢美帆 (Way to love ~Saigo no koi~ feat.Karasawa Miho)
(2009/1/21) ONE TIME feat.一星&沖仁
(2008/10/15) 記念日.home  (as SoulJa x Misslim)
(2007/9/19) ここにいるよ feat.青山テルマ (Koko ni iru yo feat.Aoyama Thelma)
(2007/6/20) rain
(2007/2/28) DOGG POUND

(2011/1/12) BEST 2007-2010
(2010/6/16) Letters
(2009/2/25) COLORZ
(2008/6/18) SPIRITS X'TENDED
(2007/11/7) Spirits
(2006/1/11) First Contact

Collaborations -
(2012/02/29) ISM  【ISSAxSoulJa】 (ALBUM)
(2011/10/12) i hate u 【ISSAxSoulJa + ROLA】
(2011/8/3) 本当にキミじゃないのかな・・・ feat.SoulJa【果山サキ】(Hontou ni kimi janai no kana... [Kayama Saki])
(2011/3/9) 4 chords 【ISSAxSoulJa】
(2010/9/22) Breathe 【ISSAxSoulJa】
(2010/8/11) 2111~過去と未来で笑う子供達へ~【アンダーグラフ×SoulJa】(2111~Kakou to mirai de warau kodomo tachi e~ [Under GraphxSoulJa])
(2010/2/24) be alive~そのままの君でいて~ feat.SoulJa 【小柳ゆき】 (be alive~sono mama no kimi de i te [Koyanagi Yuki])
(2010/2/17) What's Love? feat.SoulJa 【SKELT 8 BAMBINO】
(2008/1/23) そばにいるね feat.SoulJa 【青山テルマ】 (Soba ni iru ne [Aoyama Thelma])

"Music Offer"- (as listed on his official website; songs he wrote for other artists)
(2010/3/3) 帰る場所 【青山テルマ】 (Kaeru basho; lyrics & music by SoulJa)
(2009/10/21) KONAYUKI 【阪井あゆみ】 ([Sakai Ayumi] lyrics & music by SoulJa)

Official website
Official blog

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#3 post_url

Apr 25 11 10:43 AM

^ I know me too!!!!

And it's such a shame for the lack of promotion for 4 chords. They had to (and rightfully) cancel everything because of the tsunami, etc. They were supposed to perform on at least one show. I would love to see it live.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 3,986

パン・ダ marinopp

#6 post_url

May 11 11 12:37 PM

I hope his next album will be like Letters. I love that album so much, but I listened to COLORZ and I didn't like it at all :/ it has a completely different sound to it.

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#9 post_url

Jun 13 11 4:21 AM

Not only did he treat us to a couple hot photos (IMO anyway) - he also updated us with this line from his most recent blog entry...

(trans: Wrote lyrics for I&S today)

I died and danced happily to heaven and will be revived when the song is out. *#&)%&*#@)%smiley: roll

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 3,986

パン・ダ marinopp

#10 post_url

Jun 13 11 10:46 AM

I finally listened to all the ISSA x SoulJa stuff and I love all of it, especially Destiny and 4 chords. I like the way he sings in the latter.
so we're getting another I x S single?!

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 3,986

パン・ダ marinopp

#13 post_url

Jun 13 11 12:01 PM

his face kind of looks like my boyfriend's actually...I've always thought so, but he doesn't agree.
also, has anyone else noticed that even when his mouth is closed it looks like it's open a little bit? the promo for 4 chords (top of this page) is a perfect example.

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#14 post_url

Jun 13 11 12:04 PM

^ HEHE I KNOW RIGHT? I briefly thought about using it as my phone wallpaper but it's a bit obsessive :S (plus all the apps would be covering his face anyway)

@uncle Jemima - and you claimed that you loved his works... how could you hold out for so long???? I was totally obsessed with both singles (entirely) for a very long time. 4 chords is a better A-side and a better single overall for me though cuz I still stand by the fact that Breathe and Destiny sound really similar. I've seen the PV of 4 chords countless number of times cuz as much as I love SoulJa... I must admit I couldn't take my eyes off ISSA either. Only HE could pull off that hair and still look so hot. /fangirl mode

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 3,986

パン・ダ marinopp

#15 post_url

Jun 13 11 12:12 PM

Oh believe me, I was obsessed with Letters ever since it came out and haven't stopped listening to it. But I refused to listen to Breathe because it was ISSA x SoulJa and I didn't want to scrobble it as a separate artist on but not I have a "fuck the police" attitute towards my charts. I think I prefer 4 chords as well, and Breathe and Destiny do sound similar but Destiny is much better IMO.

anyway, I just ordered the CD-only editions of both singles from CDJapan (I got the last copies they had in stock ).

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#16 post_url

Jun 13 11 12:39 PM

haha I'm too cheap to buy singles no matter how much I love the artist. I will do that when I have more than enough money to spend (not in the next 10 years) which is why I have been crossing my fingers and toes and everything that they will make more songs and then get an album!!! They'll get there..... right?

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#20 post_url

Jun 14 11 11:51 AM

haha and obsessive fan has been checking his blog obsessively to find his most recent entry (has been really good with blogging this week <3)

Bgm - New I&S song...こうごきたい!!!
In his recent entries he's been posting "Bgm" each time and I am SOOO happy to see his song is already done. F*in talented. (online translations say that the last bit means "don't miss it" or "look forward to it", etc.) partyYou bet I will

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