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Oct 30 11 10:30 PM

Verbal! smiley: glasses

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Dec 13 11 4:16 AM

She did what?! iuhqwidhiwqhidu

It kinda sounds like a pre-Lisa Best song melody with a Disco Volante arrangement, I'm not sure if I'll buy it.

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Dec 13 11 5:41 AM

twinblades wrote:
I don't know if you guys....know this

But Lisa put out a digital single on iTunes like a week ago.

Just thought you guys should know....
I just bought it. Gonna put it in the media section...

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Dec 15 11 3:15 PM

She also has another digital single coming out soon


FIREWORK DJs 5th デジタルシングル
「Only You mix LISA」
2011.12.28 On Sale

01. Only You mix LISA

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Dec 22 11 9:05 AM

I'm honestly surprised Avex havent cleaned up their roster and got rid of LISA. She basically writes all of her stuff but it must be costing them to distribute, press and some studio finance and not really getting anything in return.

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Jan 17 12 12:05 AM

I'm into Juicy Music atm. I wish she'd return to some of the styles on it. Songs like Best Wishes and ienakutemo are just stunning. <3

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Jan 28 12 6:41 AM

kanjikebin wrote:
^Are they not merciful? Haha.

They are, but her last album failed to enter the ORICON top 200, selling less than 1,000 copies. I'm surprised she hasn't gone indie yet, lol.

That song she released a couple of weeks ago... sounds a lot like her pre-BEST stuff, and I'm glad it does. Too bad she's not re-joining m-flo.

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Feb 13 12 10:19 PM


I can't wait to hear the new Album. We haven't had much info leading up to this release. Is that not a bit odd? Anyways Verbal appearently made cover of EYESCREAM for March 2012. It's all shown on his Ambush Design website. Every time I see Verbal..I think wow...such..unique uhhh, style. lol...

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Feb 14 12 6:25 PM

The album is out a month today, yet hardly anything is known so far. They're doing a good job of keeping it secret. Taku has been taking questions here:  He even answered mine, which was cool!

Seems the theme of the album will deal with the fact it really is 2012 now, so I guess the Lori / Global Astroliner interludes will continue? There will be guest artists too, and apparently VERBAL said that 2NE1 "might" be on one of the tracks.

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Feb 14 12 9:40 PM

Well I'm still under the assumption that Lisa is still never gonna join for longer than a reunion-y kind of thing and an album of just VERBAL might actually make my ears bleed... so I'm looking forward to the collabs. I think M-flo does a good job in terms of pulling out good collabs especially, although I wasn't much a fan of the covered songs since the originals were already epic for the most part.

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Feb 20 12 2:57 PM

Album jacket, brb, dying.

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