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May 11 11 10:29 AM

I do agree. They would be epic together again. Or she could become a nice composer, she did some nice songs for Kumi like 'one' *___*

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Jul 7 11 3:31 AM

MADEMOISELLE YULIA is signed to KOZM right? I didn't really know where else to post this.. but I'm really looking forward to this in fullBananaBanana

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Posts: 348 Rose In The Ghetto

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Aug 11 11 9:20 AM

^ ikr! Her solo career has been a bit disappointing commercially, not to mention her blog is dead. I'd love if LISA and m-flo made some hawt God Sista style tracks together.

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Sep 7 11 7:30 AM

Just a few more details about the new m-flo album. Nothing much but it's still exciting.
Interview with Yoon of Ambush Design

Also, VERBAL's main music group m-flo is dropping a new album at the end of the year so we are working on new visuals and taking it to new dimensions. NOTHING like you have ever seen! It's gonna be crazy!!!

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Sep 9 11 7:23 PM

revolution will never be televised, but you are about to witness the strength of the counter culture. 7, October 2011......

Taku just Tweeted this. So I'm guessing new single that date?

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Sep 10 11 9:52 AM

I'm guessing it'll be the full version of the "secret track" from Visionair. If so, sign me up.

Wonder if they'll just be a two-piece now. I'd still like a female vocalist on there somewhere though.

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JPC Moderator

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Oct 30 11 2:14 PM

It sounds likes it completely written by VERBAL haha

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