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Feb 26 14 2:36 AM

^ CD Japan says there are unreleased tracks on it.

Wonder if Minami is somewhere on the album, hope she's not, lol.

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Mar 1 14 10:17 AM

Spark, Young & Restless and Welcome to the bassline have been played on recently:

Spark plays about 1:19:50 in. The others are near the end.

It won't change the opinions of those who want m-flo to go back to the "Loves era" sound, but hey, it's not 2004 anymore either. Music moves on.

All the preview songs so far have been entirely English, which is cool by me.

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Mar 9 14 5:54 AM

01. Devotion / m-flo + Bella Blue 【新曲】
02. Booyah / Showtek Feat. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson
03. Jumper / Hardwell & W&W
04. Like Home / Nicky Romero & NERVO
05. Get Loose (Tiesto Remix) / Showtek & Noisecontollers
06. Symphonica / Nicky Romero
07. Ten / Sander van Doorn & Mark Knight V Underworld
08. This Is What It Feels Like (W & W Remix)/ Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie
09. Animals / Martin Garrix
10. It's You (Chris Lake Remix) / Duck Sauce
11. Welcome To The Jungle / Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon
12. prism (Tomo Hirata EDMF REMIX) / m-flo 【New REMIX】
13. Say Nothing (Hardwell & Dannic Remix) / Example
14. Countdown / Hardwell & MAKJ
15. Never Say Goodbye / Hardwell & Dyro feat. Bright Lights
16. I Could Be The One / Avicii vs Nicky Romero
17. Dare You / Hardwell feat. Mathew Koma
18. Grand Finale / Arty feat. Fiora
19. come again (JAXX DA FISHWORKS REMIX) / m-flo【New REMIX】
20. the Love Bug -Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) Remix- / m-flo loves BoA【New REMIX】

Plus the music video for Fly:

And the cover (apparently just white):

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Mar 25 14 4:27 PM

wassup you guys. Long Time!
I picked up the album, as well as I went to the release party!

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Mar 26 14 8:20 PM

Got the cd's of this and EDM-FLO today.

MAJOR step up from NEVEN (which felt like a compilation of songs that were left over from Square One)

Seems like the next phase of m-flo, after the tripod, loves and 2012 era's. Hope they keep going and don't take another hiatus any time soon.

Much more coherent and fluid, perhaps apart from IRONY which was most likely recorded long before everything else, so feels out of place somewhat.

Standout songs have to be Young & Restless and own the sky for me. Show You More might be the low point, shame because I'm a fan of Matt Cab.

EDM-FLO: The "new song" Devotion just uses the instrumental of FIND A WAY, with different lyrics. So, feel a bit cheated on that one. Nakata's version of The Love Bug ain't too hot either...

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Mar 27 14 3:43 PM

On first listen:

This album is easily superior (IMO) to the more techno/dubstep-y SQUARE ONE, and NEVEN as well. It's nowhere near the heights of COSMICOLOR, but there's a good chance I'll be keeping more than just three songs off the album to play later, unlike SQUARE ONE and NEVEN. The one thing I don't care for is just how similar a lot of the songs sound. It's more dancehall (which IMO is "the lesser of two evils") though so I can't blame them--that's just a staple of the genre.

One thing I did notice is that there's a LOT more VERBAL. Some of that's good (Spark, Find a Way), some of it...not so much (Fly, Irony), but I was glad to have him back and actually, y'know...rapping. I also love the interludes. m-flo's always been the intergalactic rap group that's come back to the past to bring us music from the future, and the interludes on this album really pushed that home.

Favorite songs:
- Spark
- Find a Way
- Show You More
- Find a Way

Songs I'll probably skip:
- Irony
- d.w.m.

Songs that aren't as bad as I thought they'd be on the album:
- Fly
- Go Crazy

In all, probably a 7/10. DJ Taku and VERBAL are onto something with this album. If they can turn down the dubstep-y bits the next album would be a classic. At the rate they drop music, hopefully this time next year I'll be saying that's what happened, lol.

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Mar 29 14 9:10 AM

I agree that out of 3 post loves albums FUTURE IS WOW is the best one. I can finally hear the progressive elements and not the generic ones.

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Mar 30 14 9:50 AM

FUTURE IS WOW and EDM-FLO are both FIYAH! They're great to listen to while driving! I'm not a big fan of daoko's style so "Irony" is probably my least favorite song on the album. I found the interludes entertaining too!

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Apr 2 14 12:34 PM


Finally gave the album a listen. My brief review for this album is that it's is definitely much better than the past 2. Its ok but it does get old really fast. I can understand the direction of the album where it is better live. But it's like a ticket to a show where you might enjoy but wouldn't wanna go see again. I find Yoohei performance quite comical and corny. When he sings in English it's like he has this accent that he wants to sound super white as possible lol. I do enjoy tracks such as Irony feat daoko. It's very chill and easy to listen to. And the song Own the Sky feat Bella Blue is considered a love series worthy. I have mixed feelings with My Way feat Ayumi Hamasaki. While she has no history collaborating with other artists there is nothing really to expect but to feel weird? All in all I can't see myself still listening to this album any longer or if it's 2114 ;)

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