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Mar 6 13 7:50 AM

NO WAY sounds great! Not sure about the rest...

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Mar 9 13 10:02 PM

ugh I despise, utterly despise Minami's voice and her whole group

wish VERBAL picked up Iconiq as their new vocal.......cuz this girl's voice is grating

anyway NO WAY sounds great, gonna listen to the previews now

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Mar 12 13 7:02 AM

I think the first m-flo loves album, ASTROMANTIC, was the only album where there wasnt 1 chick co-writing almost every song.
From Beat Space Nine (Emyli), and COSMICOLOR (Emi Hinouchi). These last two m-flo albums have MINAMI all over them.
Got the sample of NEVEN.. picking it up tomorrow!

I cant wait to hear everyone's reviews.

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Mar 12 13 11:28 AM

NEVEN is pretty much Square One all over again, but I like it better, I would even say much better. For some reason the songs are more pleasant to my ear. My only concern is LOVER. The song is gorgeous, but it really doesn't fit in this dance-infused album. I guess they tried to gain some attention with it being similar to Let Go. My favorite track is NO WAY, I'm just blown away with it.

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Mar 12 13 4:30 PM

Great album, and more consistent in quality throughout all tracks, but I'd say none of the songs here come close to the dizzy heights of the 3 singles on SQUARE ONE (She's so outta control, Alive, All I want is you), which I really played to DEATH when they came out.

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Mar 12 13 5:07 PM

I've listened to half of the album and it's really good so far. Better than SQUARE ONE. The best songs are for me: NO WAY, YEAH! and TONITE

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Mar 12 13 10:56 PM

So i finally have the chance to listen to it fully. I've prolly listened to it 2 or 3 times in the background.

YEAH! is pretty dope. A solid dance track and intro. i dig it. I like Minami/Cream. I don't like the other dude too much, so i like just hearing her. Although i don't really listen to jpop music anymore, i like the fact that Minami has her sound. You know it's her, and i respect that. BUT, i'm starting to notice she sounds the same on almost every track she sings. Like, the Cream album although decent, sometimes it sounds like a 50 minute song. 

TONITE grew on me. I still think Minmi can't sing for sh!t. But, regardless, it works. I really like it.

#395days skit beat is pretty dope.

NO WAY starts off bangin'. But the actual 'meat and potatoes' of the track, its not my thing. 

Das Dance, its like modern classic house. dope. I grew up on that sh!t. Reminds of 'dance to the underground' 1990s house on 808 drum machines.

Butterfly, there's something i dont' like.. the tempo? Like, it has all the sounds, but, its just, 4/4 kick. Its not dynamic enough. Every sound is on the beat. its so structured.. Dunno if you get what i mean.

CHANCE, Verbal is more prominent on this album. It's kinda teasing your ears for the first part until the chorus comes in to bring life to the song. Its alright, i can listen to it. Future skip track though.

One in a Million, i really hate the synths =P It works, but its so basic.

LOVER is dope. i really like it. judging the album as a whole, it kinda just doesn't fit with the rest of the album. But, that could be a good thing, because up until now, the album is a pretty basic dance album. 

#anotherreality so, i'm ashamed to say despite me listening to jp music and watching anime for all these, i still have trouble translating japanese =) I should really take it more seriously. Lyrics and words are so powerful.

FNKY ALGORTHM, i hate the beginning, but the jungle/D&B is refreshing compared to the first half of the album. Even though its a simple D&B groove, this is more Square One to me. 

#neven. Refer to #anotherreality. Square One had a theme didn't it? An alternate reality?  i'm kinda glad they didn't call this one Square Two like i originally saw. It's not Square Two.

JOURNEY X, wow, haven't heard Taku do a garage 2step groove for a while now. It's alright. Reminds me of like... Perfume but not as good at Yasutake Nakata

TRANSFORMERZ, the scratches and basslines really give it a transforming feel =)


Comparing it to Square One which was a 9 to me, this would be a 7 (Neven!).  It's full very straightforward and simple club tracks. It solid, but i already know i'm gonna get bored of a lot of the songs in the future. The songs, they're all very typical. I dunno, i'm kinda let down on the production. It's like taku toned it down too much. Like Journey from 4:11 to 4:41. Such a big lead into nothing. One and a Million starts off the same as Transformerz. things like that.

It feels too safe of an album, and doesn't push any boundaries.

Square One is way more memorable.

wtf happened to the sq1 remix album? Doesn't m-flo put one out for every album? =)

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Mar 13 13 12:13 AM

Man, I had no idea people liked Square One so much.  I was never able to tolerate most of the album--all the dubstep/electronica-type beats drove me nuts.  To me it just gets in the way of the sound, but to each their own. 

Anyway, I'm still listening to the album but thoughts so far:

- YEAH! and TONITE were kinda really long and had beats that frequently reminded me how long they were in that they dragged and made me sort of sick of them after about a minute and a half....into songs that were both around 6 minutes.  That one verse by Andre 3000 from Rosa Parks started playing in my head ("kinda sour 'cause my favorite group ain't coming with it...") until...

- NO WAY and Das Dance came in and saved the album for me.  Usually if I'm not feeling it by track 3 I've given up on the album and just decide to save whatever tracks I find interesting and chuck the rest (like I did with Square One), but fortunately No Way was an amazing track and featured a lot more of Verbal raps (which I enjoy--he's one of my favorite emcees) while Das Dance was a really smooth, laid back song that I can definitely see myself replaying a lot in the future.

Butterfly and Chance are two songs I'm not sure about, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up fans of both after they randomly start playing in my head one day when I'm not even thinking about them. 

No real thoughts on One in a Million or Journey X yet.  They're okay tracks, but they don't quite stick with me like I'd like them to.  Meanwhile LOVER just isn't my thing--slow-paced tracks have never been able to hold my attention well.

- FNKY ALGORTHM and Transformerz remind me of Square a bad way, but I guess that's part of m-flo's style now and I'll have to get used to it or get really familiar with their first five albums.  (Probably both.)

Overall I like this album much more than Square One, but they've got a ways to go before they reach the pure fun I had with all the experiments they had on the m-flo loves project or the laid-back, early 90's feel they had with their first two albums.   Still, I'm glad the two of them are producing music more frequently now. 

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Mar 13 13 1:29 AM

MochaNutz wrote:
wtf happened to the sq1 remix album? Doesn't m-flo put one out for every album? =)

CD2 of their works best V album coming out at the end of the month.

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Mar 15 13 9:31 AM

I can't believe those She's So cheerleader strippers were on the DVD. Tackyyy.

There were big aww moments when Melody and Yoshika came out though!

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#219 post_url

Apr 6 13 3:37 AM

The singles on square one were better for me (could not stand the ridiculousness of one song, though...). I haven't gotten in to Neven yet, maybe if I cut out some of those interludes, I might like it more? Though, anime-like seiyuu, yay~

So, Best V has 3+ remixes of All I Want Is You! Sweet~~~~ Though, I like the faster ones more~ ^___^ Maybe this is their remix re-package...

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#220 post_url

Apr 24 13 10:27 PM

found this live perf of butterfly and lover. I'm impressed with Miliyah

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