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Dec 26 14 11:49 PM

Pictures from her AIO PIANO vol.2.
She sang 3 new songs : "Reach to the moon", "Parallel World" and "End, and and ~10,000 Hearts~".
I'm going to the last date tomorrow in Osaka, can't wait


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Dec 28 14 11:09 AM

satsukibeni wrote:
Can't wait for her to read all the fan comments smile.gif I love writing amazing things about Ai-chin. She is amazing and makes me happy.

Oh you did ? I was in charge of the project, it was really good to see all the great stories ! Some of them are really heart-warming
We translated every messages in japanese, so you can be sure she will read yours ! I hope she will make any comment somewhere

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Jan 1 15 12:42 AM

And she sang one of the song from the album : Time Machine.
This is the 4th song we know from the new era, with End, and and ~10,000 Hearts~, Reach to the Moon and Parallel World.

All the songs are really electronic with a 90s vibe and an Idol sound. It's really surprising, I don't think I can follow this era with passion like I did before, since it's not really my cup of tea.
It's also really far away from what she did before (you can forget all the ballads, and the jazzy touch of some of her previous songs), though it's similar to the electronic mini-album she did for her LOVE-chan character : LOVE IT.

The only song I might enjoy is Reach to the moon which is a bit similar to Action 10.5.

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Jan 13 15 11:50 PM

I saw The film of LOVE FANTASTIC TOUR 2014 at
It sell about 4,000円 and rentals 300円.  << my bad that rent is not for Ai Otsuka but another artist (-_-)
My question is, rentals means only can view one time? just like streaming not save on my account?

Last Edited By: NanSan Ogawa Jan 15 15 2:04 AM. Edited 1 time.

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JPC Admin

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Jan 13 15 11:55 PM

If rentals work the same way they do as iTunes US, then you have 30 days to watch your rental from the time of purchase. However, if at anytime during those 30 days you play the file then you have 24 hours to complete it before it removes itself from your iTunes library. During the 24 hours, you can watch it as much as you want.

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Jan 15 15 1:53 AM

Did you hear? We get a new announcement in a few days! She has been teasing us for some days now with beautiful silhouette-y looking pictures of her and her linger hair!!

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Jan 15 15 2:52 AM

satsukibeni wrote:
Did you hear? We get a new announcement in a few days! She has been teasing us for some days now with beautiful silhouette-y looking pictures of her and her linger hair!!

It's definitely the new single.
She has this event next month in Osaka supported by NTT Heart Beat project. She will sing her new song "End, end and ~10,000 hearts~".
I can totally see a Double A-side single, since she had already sing to her fans 4 new songs. The new album for this year is also coming faster than expected.

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Feb 13 15 3:13 PM

NEW ALBUM OUT 2015.4.22 on sale 「LOVE TRiCKY」

01. Time Machine
02. laugh 
03. summer lovely days 
04. affair 
05. I'm Lonely 
06. reach for the moon
07. shooting star
08. Parallel World
09. busy lady
10. end and and ~10,000 hearts~
DVD Tracklist 
LOVE TRiCK video clips 
LOVE is BORN ~11th Anniversary 2014 from Billboard Live Tokyo on 2014.09.22

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Feb 14 15 12:00 AM

wait, no single? and that's not a good choice for a font.

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