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Jun 27 12 12:37 AM

Wow, signed to Universal! That's great, I hope her success continues under Universal. I don't like these digital singles that they seem to do though... they did it with Denda and now Yuka and it doesn't seem to work that well compared to physical singles properly promoted with tie-ins

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Jul 11 12 11:15 PM

I like this song

Shion will be at the R-Festa2012 held on August 30th

Other performers: Zeebra、童子-T、加藤ミリヤ、HOME MADE 家族、ダースレイダー、青山テルマ、清水翔太、KG、Ms.OOJA、詩音、Alice、SHUN、mckj、Allies

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Jul 13 12 2:43 AM

Yeah, the PV is pretty forgettable, but really it's a digital single only... at least they actually made some kind of video. Song is great though, I hope she continues like this.

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Jul 14 12 4:58 PM


I'm glad she was given a second chance very few get that. I have a feeling she doesn't talk to her former peeps anymore (I'm including Big Ron as well)

On the 11th Shion performed at the Break Girl's Festival with 真崎ゆか


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Aug 8 12 3:23 AM

Awesome, know let's hope she has some loyal fans to buy those releases.

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Aug 14 12 3:31 PM

R-Festa 2012 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on Thursday, August 30 will be streamed on Nico Nico.
Starts at 17:00 JST.

Performing artists: Zeebra  /  Dohzi-T  /  Kato Miliyah  /  HOME MADE Kazoku  /  DARTHREIDER  /  Aoyama Thelma  /  Shimizu Shota  /  KG  /  Ms.OOJA  /  Shion  /  Alice  / SHUN  /  mckj  /  Allies  /  GILLE  /  Baby M  /  AISHA  /  K.J.  /  Masaki Yuka  /  KIMIKAZU  /  MARiA  /  J.Williams

You need an account to watch and you can use timeshift to watch it later.
Nico program page:

R-Festa 2012 OHP:

How to use timeshift:

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Sep 20 12 3:05 AM

Wow, this one sounds really nice. This is a great single.

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