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Sep 15 11 5:52 PM

That's great! Now she can put that stuff behind her and move on... I wish her even more success than before!

Thanks for the info!


Her new songs are also available on iTunes:

Honestly nothing I'd buy and listen to but I look forward to hearing what her future releases sound like.

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JPC Moderator

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Sep 17 11 2:16 AM

my bad. i remember that was the talk back when it all went down haha. it's good to see she is back. cant wait to hear her new vibes!

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Sep 21 11 8:56 AM

Recochoku weekly:

20 - DESTINY 詩音
53 - BELIEVE 詩音

29 - DESTINY 詩音
59 - BELIEVE 詩音

Pretty good, all things considering.

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Sep 22 11 1:20 PM

that cover is so terrible omg :/
the songs are okay though. It's nice to know she's back even though even though with no label and she's doing somewhat good despite all that happened recently.

thought she would never be back!

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Oct 9 11 4:30 PM

She's back? Been out of the loop for some time. I'm so proud of her *tears*

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Jun 25 12 9:26 AM

digital single, "distance"


Digital Single
this will be part of a 3 month release project, "LOVE ME" the other two songs are "just me" and "again". also you can download a new song on her site "still" for a limited time


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Jun 25 12 11:37 AM

Oh she's under Universal now? Thanks for the update, downloaded the song. It's nice of her to put it up for free ^^

distance sounds good from what I've heard.. really liking still.... though


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Jun 26 12 1:58 AM

Thanks. Seems like she updated her sound too. I love it.

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