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Oct 24 14 11:14 PM


Hi, I'm new to here. I hope it's not kind of spamming. 
Daichi wins BEST JAPAN ACT FOR THE 2014 MTV EMA! I'll appreciated if you can vote for him to beat B.A.P and go to the next stage. Let him go to Glasgow!

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Feb 8 15 6:00 AM

Argh, Nao'ymt going into he's weird sounds again. I mean it's okay for the most part, but for some reason it's lacking something for me. Hope other songs on the single are better.

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Feb 26 15 4:16 AM

After a second listen Unlock is so much better, I get it now. The 2 b-sides are awesome! It's been a while since I enjoyed a single from Daichi so much. Both Anchor and Furueau Dake De was lacking for me.

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May 25 15 4:28 AM

Baby, my baby, baby, my baby~
Quite catchy. I think it's the first time we see female dancer in his PV.

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Jun 17 15 1:56 PM

Overall the single is okay, but 101 is freaking awesome, should've been an A-side. I assume the album isn't far off, since this is the 4th single this era already.

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Jul 10 15 10:42 AM

YAY! I knew it =) The official website lists 4 edition with the following single tracks^

「ふれあうだけで 〜Always with you〜」(2014年NI¬VEAソング)
「IT'S THE RIGHT TIME」(TVアニメ「寄生獣 セイの確率」エンディング・テーマ)

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Aug 1 15 9:16 AM

4 editions: CD+DVD / CD+Blu-ray / CD / CD+DVD (Fanclub)

3. Welcome!
4. Unlock (Album Ver.)
6. One Shot
7. Ascertain
9. Anchor
10. Color Me Blue
11. Supa Dupa Paper Plane
12. Testify
13. ふれあうだけで ~Always with you~ (Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~)
14. music

DVD / Blu-ray:
1. Anchor -Music Video-
2. ふれあうだけで ~Always with you~ (Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~) -Music Video-
3. IT’S THE RIGHT TIME -Choreo Video-
4. Unlock -Music Video-
5. music -Music Video-
6. SING OUT LOUD -Music Video-
7. SING OUT LOUD -Making- (Bonus)
8. Bring It Down -Choreo Video- (Bonus)

Fanclub edition DVD:
1. Making of “FEVER”

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Aug 3 15 1:43 AM

Ehhh, 'SING OUT LOUD' is just plain boring o_O Even 'I'm On Fire' was better. Oh well, there are 9 new tracks, at least 2 of them are bound to be up my street. Remembering all the b-sides this era, I must say '101' and 'Wanna Give It To You' (with 'my day', 'Bring It Down' and 'Good Sign' creeping in behind) were the best and they should've been at least the second a-sides if not the main ones.

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Aug 3 15 8:33 AM

I actually found the a-sides of this era to be the weakest and "SING OUT LOUD" isn't helping. It really lacks energy in the instrumental. Ah, hope for the best!

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Aug 4 15 4:35 AM

I really think "Sing Out Loud" is a great production, you can see he's having a lot of fun in this music video and the song is good, too. It's miles better than "I'm on Fire" I think, there I liked the verses but that dub-step and "Muuuh" was kind of stupid!? The lead singles of this album are really weak in my opinion, I only liked "It's the Right Time" and some b-sides but I think "Sing Out Loud" is the best of them.

I waited for something nasty ^^ but this is okay, too.

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Sep 13 15 4:59 AM

The album is okay, better than the Entertainer overall. I like FEVER, MAKE US DO, Color Me Blue and Supa Dupa Paper Plane. Still the best songs this era are the b-sides (101, Wanna Give It To You, my day, Bring It Down and Good Sign).

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