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Nov 20 13 9:05 AM

The album is nice, not his best, but nice. I agree that some songs left me wanting more, but some, like "Baby Just Time" and "Chocolate" are real good. Still the singles were the highlight of this era for me.

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Nov 20 13 10:23 PM

evilsin wrote:
"Baby Just Time" and "Chocolate" are real good.
Yes! Those two are amazing tracks. The rest of the new songs are just ok. Recent b-sides like "Burning Weakness" and "Half of You" were way better. And "Voice" of course.

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Nov 22 13 11:48 AM

I expected to hate this album based on most fan reactions, but I am in love, definitely buying now. sadly I didn't love Chocolate as much as I had hoped for (because of the title ;)) maybe it will grow on me. really wanted it to be a hot dance number though.


DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2013 -Door to the unknown- out 2013.01.22
(Blu-ray)¥6,510(税込) AVXD-16391A
(2枚組DVD)¥5,250(税込) AVBD-16392A

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Feb 1 14 12:25 PM

promo pic

tracklist/credits/etc. up

M2収録の「Get Up」もNao'ymtの手による新境地ロックアップチューン。
そして、M3「Good Sign」は久々のタッグとなるU-Key zoneによるエレクトロニックなダンストラックとなっている。
DVD付き[MUSIC VIDEO盤]には「Anchor」MUSIC VIDEOとメイキングを収録。
[CHOREO VIDEO盤]には「Anchor」の他、「Good Sign」も撮りおろし。
【MUSIC VIDEO盤】(CD+DVD)    AVCD-16405/B  ¥1,800(税抜)
【CHOREO VIDEO盤】(CD+DVD) AVCD-16406/B ¥1,800(税抜)
【CD盤】(CD) AVCD-16407 ¥1,200(税抜)
1. Anchor
2. Get Up
3. Good Sign
3ver. Complete Set(AVCD-16405/B,AVCD-16406/B,AVCD-16407の3枚/オリジナルスリーブケース付)同時購入者に対しここだけで観られる映像が収録された、「"Anchor"  Acoustic Recording Movie for 大知識」
◆【VISION FACTORY オフィシャルショップ】&【mu-moショップ】オリジナル特典

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Feb 15 14 7:52 PM

The second part of DA PUMP, w-inds., Lead, and Miura Daichi charity event at the Maihama Amphitheatre on Sunday, February 23 will be streamed on niconico Live. The event will raise money to aid children affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
Starts at 18:30 JST.

Program name: DA PUMP, w-inds., Lead, Miura Daichi Charity Event For Children Affected By The Typhoon in the Philippines
Date: Sunday, February 23
Scheduled broadcast time: 18:30 to 20:30 JST

Nico program page:
You need an account to watch, timeshift is not available for this stream.

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Feb 21 14 2:01 AM

Poor Daichi, his girlfriend is an elevator and he himself is an anchor, lol.
Not sure about Anchor for now, Good Sign is nice though.

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May 20 14 8:01 PM

A portion of "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2014 'The Entertainer'" tour final at Tokyo International Forum on Friday, May 23 will be streamed on niconico Live.
Streaming starts at 17:30 JST with a stream of live DVD "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2013 -Door to the unknown- in YOKOHAMA ARENA." Live streaming is scheduled to start at around 19:30 JST.

Program name: DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2014 "The Entertainer"
Date: Friday, May 23
Scheduled broadcast time: 17:30 to 20:00 JST

Timeshift period: 7 days
You need an account to watch and you can use timeshift to watch it later.

Streaming schedule:
17:30 JST: Live DVD "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2013 -Door to the unknown- in YOKOHAMA ARENA"
19:30 JST: Live stream start

How to use timeshift on niconico:

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Sep 12 14 9:32 AM

Bring It Down sounds promising so far, hope I like the full song better than Anchor, since it didn't really do anything for me.

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#360 post_url

Oct 11 14 9:55 AM

Hope it's more Lullaby than Two Hearts. Excited anyway.

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