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Jun 21 13 11:26 PM

really, a routine on toilets. and why didn't someone flush that idea? just can't wait for the making of for the PV now ;) not really feeling this song yet, kind of ordinary and the instrumental is slightly annoying.

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Jun 22 13 11:57 AM

I'M IN LOVE WITH GO FOR IT <33333333333 <3333333333333333333333 <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

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Jul 5 13 9:28 AM

Miura Daichi new single "GO FOR IT" release event at LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza on Wednesday, July 10 will be streamed on Ustream and niconico Live.
Streaming starts at 16:00 JST with music videos. Event starts at 17:00 JST.

Program name: Miura Daichi "GO FOR IT" Release Event @ LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza
Date: Wednesday, July 10
Scheduled broadcast time: 16:00 to 17:45 JST

Ustream page:

Nico program page:
Timeshift period: 30 days
You do need an account to watch, but if you have one you can use timeshift to watch it later.

Streaming schedule:
16:00 JST: Music videos
17:00 JST: Event start


How to use timeshift on niconico:

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Jul 9 13 6:37 AM

I like the TSS choreography! More please~

Maybe he'll perform it at the release event? Someone remind me to stream it~ Almost paid for a Nico premium membership, did that once before, but they still don't take overseas credit cards ('cept maybe Amex) and I'm too lazy to Paypal it. Hope it's good~

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Jul 9 13 9:02 AM

Wow wtf. I was expecting some lousy Disney-esque song from the title lol. x______x

DAICHI MIURA~~~ this is great.

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Jul 10 13 4:38 AM

wah~ I got the time wrong and I only caught the last song of the stream, which was Go For It! But, it was a good performance and the stream quality was really good~ I hope the timeshift worked and I can go back and watch it. ^^

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Jul 10 13 8:01 AM

Another solid offering from Daichi. 'Half of You' will take a few listens to digest, but I see myself enjoying it in the future, it's just got that go/stop/dubstep-y thing going on which is not that exciting. My favorite track ofthe single is 'Twinkle Shiny Star'.

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Jul 15 13 5:35 AM

Maybe this is old news to the old fans, but I thought I'd just throw out some of the fun points from the recent Melodix interview, where everything is new to this new fan. ^^ Also, these are really rough translations since my aural comprehension is crap.

He calls Speed members onee-san (older sister) since he was dancing with them since he was six at the Okinawa Actors School and their parents would take him home after practice. He also mentioned the famous alumni as Speed, Da Pump & Max (is Namie rolled into Max? ;_;).

He took a break from singing/activities from 13 years old to 18 because he was told it would harm his voice to sing too much when it was changing, but he continued to dance the entire time.

It was his staff's idea to film the dance rehearsal video of Right Now that has over a million hits on Youtube, not so much his. ^^

The dance point of Go For It is the change in speed (緩急).

And, yay, for short interview~

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Jul 16 13 10:53 AM

He probably just mentioned who he's closest to.

It doesn't seem like the other artists in VF get much opportunity to interact with Namie. Outside the office, we only know that Namie and Hiroko from SPEED are really good friends. I'm not even sure what the nature of Namie's relationship to the rest of MAX is currently. She hasn't been seen with any of them except Mina back in 2006.

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Jul 17 13 12:40 AM

Yeah, I thought as much, that maybe he wasn't mentioning her specifically since the ten year age gap means they wouldn't have met while at the Actors school and so she didn't come to mind.

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Jul 17 13 8:41 PM

I think the Super Monkeys left (1992ish) before he joined the school (6 years old). Reina and Lina didn't leave till much later.

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Sep 9 13 9:33 PM

9.8 LIVE news, lots of pics at links

三浦大知「DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2013-Door to the unknown-」
2013年9月8日 横浜アリーナ セットリスト

01. Can You See Our Flag Wavin' In The Sky?(未発表曲)
02. Right Now
03. Elevator
04. Baby Just Time(未発表曲)
05. Who's The Man
06. Lullaby
07. Hypnotized
08. Far away
09. Half of You
10. Twinkle Shiny Star
11. The Answer
12. Make You Feel My Love(オリジナル:ボブ・ディラン)
14. Touch Me
15. Love is like a bass line
16. Inside Your Head
17. Black Hole
19. Two Hearts
20. Listen To My Heartbeat(未発表曲)
21. Your Love
22. I'm on Fire(未発表曲)

he announced during the MC that we are getting a new album in November with the unreleased tracks he has been performing. can not wait for I'm on Fire, from the performance description, it's going to be FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~ smiley: wink

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