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Nov 27 12 2:26 AM

I'm liking the new song/PV. The dance is still very Daichi, but the addition of a co-choreographer gave him a few new moves. The song itself sounds a bit like a Chris Brown dance track, but I don't mind as long as long as it's a one-off.

, snarky remarks are basically the tone of this entire forum, TBH. And I really do think Daichi is an unfortunate looking man, but his talent makes up for it.

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Dec 10 12 11:49 PM


blu-ray + 2CD

2013.1.16 RELEASE
『DAICHI MIURA "exTime Tour 2012"』
AVBD-16318/B~C 価格:¥5,250 (税込)

●LIVE Blu-ray(Blu-ray1枚)+LIVE ALBUM(CD2枚) [3枚組]
AVXD-16319/B~C 価格:¥6,300 (税込)


1.Black Hole
2.Turn Off The Light
4.Love is like a bass line
5.Gotta Make You Mine
7.Magic Word
Band Session & Dancer Solo number
11.Virtual Insanity (Jamiroquai Cover)

Single Medley
12.Inside Your Head ~
13.Delete My Memories ~
14.Flag ~
15.The Answer ~
16.Your Love ~
18.Burning Weakness
19.No Limit
20.Touch Me
EC1.Two Hearts

[CD: Disc-1]
02. Black Hole
03. Turn Off The Light
04. Drama
05. Love is like a bass line
06. Gotta Make You Mine
07. Magic
08. Magic Word
09. 4am
10. 熱帯夜
11. Virtual Insanity (Jamiruquai Cover)

01. Inside Your Head
02. Delete My Memories
03. Flag
04. The Answer
05. Your Love
06. Lullaby
07. Burning Weakness
08. No Limit
09. Touch Me
10. Elevator
11. Two Hearts



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Dec 11 12 7:49 AM

Ohh live CD! That's awesome, I loved the rearranged versions of the singles in the "medley" (even though they're all full versions). Except The Answer... that was like a guitar/rock version. :/

They could've cut the Jamiroquai song though, I couldn't understand one word of his English.

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Dec 12 12 10:14 PM

another truth wrote:
Daichi Miura is one touring ass mothafucka and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I haven't gotten the chance to listen to his newest single in full yet, but THIS release excites me. Daichi is doing a better job with choosing covers. I LOVED his cover of Ribbon In The Sky, and his MJ duet with Thelma Aoyama was really good (I Just Can't Stop Loving You), so I'm really looking forward to his Jamiroquai cover. This is also a really good setlist.

It's a shame that I'll probably be paying $72 plus shipping PLUS tax for the Bluray, but I think I'll be happy with this purchase.

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Posts: 908 清水翔太

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Dec 15 12 6:06 PM

evilsin wrote:
This single is one of the best he's ever released. Period.
this and "The Answer" are the best singles ever. that's still his best a-side IMO but this comes really close.

also can people STOP calling him the male Namie, that is an insult and doesn't make sense since Daichi can actually sing and dance.

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JPC Admin

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#272 post_url

Dec 15 12 8:34 PM

As if one dumbass troll's opinion changes anything about what the populace thinks about her

Keep on, keeping on male Amuro.

Last Edited By: NATE Dec 15 12 8:37 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Dec 15 12 11:18 PM

ARUTO wrote:
The male Namie? I always thought of him like the male BoA instead.

Namie and Daichi share many producers, hence the male Amuro thing. Dancing wise, yes he is much more like BoA. hehe

But overall I will still call him Male Amuro due to their musical similarities~ <3 His new single is great.

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JPC Admin

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#275 post_url

Dec 15 12 11:23 PM

It's not a serious comment. I don't think of him as a male Amuro. However, he has far more in common with Namie than he does with BoA. Born from the same prefecture, trained at the same talent school, scouted by the same people, debuted as leader of their group, went solo.

I'm sure all the other commens weren't either, just people pointing out that he is her junoir from the same company that sings and dances, and he is now using her producers to create the majority of his music.

I don't see why he would be compared to female artists anway. He is much more stylistically similar to DA PUMP and other male acts that trained with him.

Last Edited By: NATE Dec 15 12 11:25 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Dec 16 12 9:42 AM

I have a question guys. Elevator was released digitally a few months ago, but that is the live version of the song, right?
Edit: ok, just checked it on itunes, wow all this time I thought the studio version was not out yet

Last Edited By: Ai no Kage Dec 16 12 10:26 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Posts: 908 清水翔太

#277 post_url

Dec 17 12 11:27 AM

ARUTO wrote:
The male Namie? I always thought of him like the male BoA instead.
this is probably the most apt comparison since BoA has a decent singing voice and is a phenomenal dancer (whereas Namie has a 3-note range and the only word that would appropriately fit her dancing is 'arthritic').

maybe we can call him the less-hot-yet-more-relevant version of Matsushita Yuuya.

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Posts: 908 清水翔太

#279 post_url

Dec 18 12 1:11 PM

^Warner Bros. fault for giving him such a mess of an image and such crap music recently.

I'm surprised Daichi has been able to get such good material... a lot of the producers he works with make horrible stuff for other people and amazing stuff for him (U-Key zone comes to mind).

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Jan 10 13 1:25 PM

Hello daichi fans,

i am new her but a long time daichi fan. Just preordered the blu ray for extime. I am glad to have to made this purchase cause his budokan concert was fabulous smiley: wink. I am glad daichi is getting really popular in japan and judging by the budokan crowd it was full house. So happy for him

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