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Aug 9 11 10:41 AM

not working for me either damn
I'm really looking forward though, I was listening to her a few weeks ago and was wondering when the hell she would release something new <3

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Aug 9 11 2:26 PM

LOVE the cover!

one more track title is out, from a partial tracklist:

1 tattoo  
2 Lips  

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Aug 9 11 10:01 PM

Happy about an album dropping. I've missed her style. The article said she was inspired by the K-Pop boom. I wonder if that'll play into her sound any?

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Aug 11 11 10:05 PM

"Following the release of Reflex around four years ago, singer DOUBLE will release her upcoming studio album WOMAN on October 5th.

DOUBLE went on a hiatus in October 2009 to undergo treatment for gastroenteritis and made a brief return the following year for the release of Ballad Collection Mellow, but shortly afterward disappeared from the music scene once again.

With WOMAN scheduled for October, one track from the album entitled Lips will be made available via Chaku Uta on August 10th and Chaku Uta Full on August 17th. The song has been described as a "cool summer dance tune". Further information regarding the album is expected to be announced in the upcoming weeks."

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Aug 12 11 5:32 AM

w00tx2!!! i Hope it's as hot as JASMINE's lips lol!
i've been craving me some DOUBLE lately, i really missed her hahah Oct.5th is also my birthday...DOUBLE's spoiling me this year<33

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Aug 27 11 3:28 AM

If you go to her web site she has a link to ITunes Japan but for some reason the quick time player on my computer doesn't worksmiley: mad so I couldn't hear the sample of the song.

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Aug 27 11 7:00 PM

Just go to iTunes store, change country to Japan, and then search DOUBLE.

The song is... okkayyy... It's nothing amazing, it's dance/rnb but the production and beat aren't very fresh...

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