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Dec 24 11 12:50 PM

Shinnosuke Tweeted that they have a Christmas present to everybody..... ;) From their official website:





On 2012.02, a new song, "UnIsong", has been decided to be distributed.

A new musical composition, pleasantly full, rides on the mind's packed lyrics, but light rhythm.

Also, a report of detailed information will told to you in time.

Look forward to it!

...............AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! \^0^/ This is, indeed, a wonderful Christmas present. Also, Shinnosuke Tweeted this little bit, as well:

SOUL’d OUT 久々の新曲は『UnIsong』。ユニソング。You & I の歌ですな。来年のバレンタインデーね♪ヨロシク!

A long time for SOUL'd OUT, we release this new piece, "UnIsong". Yunisongu. It's a song of You & I. Valentine's Day next year, yes.♪ Best regards!

So, maybe it's released on Valentine's Day...? If not, it's obviously is very close to it. And according to his 'you and I' part, maybe it's for the fans? :O If he doesn't mean that very loosely, it has to be for fans, but I guess it could be a love song, since it's seemingly for Valentine's Day, hah... Hmmmmm....... God, I can't wait for new info. This is too much, yet not enough. ;___;....

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Jan 22 12 2:28 PM

smiley: wink

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Feb 13 12 8:59 AM

Mmmmph, SOUL'd OUT, themselves, have provided a Youtube link for the music video clip on the official site, but it's not available in my country! What the fuck!! D:

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Feb 13 12 3:56 PM

Naomi Crescent wrote:
Mmmmph, SOUL'd OUT, themselves, have provided a Youtube link for the music video clip on the official site, but it's not available in my country! What the fuck!! D:

I saw the clip. The beat sounds kinda dance heavy, which is a first for them.

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Feb 13 12 11:45 PM

^ Well, download has already been released..... I was starting to wonder if they would only have this as a digital single, but they're still set to release the video on the 29th, and I'm not sure why it would be so much later than the music track if they only planned to release them through download. But I'm honestly not completely sure what's going on here, lol.

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Feb 19 12 10:35 AM

Well, I downloaded the PV! It IS really dance heavy! :O Even more than Curtain Call, it definitely sounds like it's a remix version, hah. And it retains the super poppy feel that Diggy's been going with since his solo start, but I love how it's mixed with the heavier, trance-like beat. I have no idea what the fuck "pyoom" is, but it's fabulous, lulz. Cute PV, too. I assume that the outro part will be an interlude, I guess? The melody sounds really pretty with the piano.


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Feb 29 12 4:45 PM

Hum I'm starting to fear the worst for SO right now. It's been a year since their last single....a year. I know they have lives but I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what they're planning. They've barely updated their site and I still don't know the date for their new song. I feel like thy might be pulling a twenty4-7. I don't wont to believe they're disbanding. I mean they should just drop an album instead of a single. I thought maybe Sony was fucking them over but I highly doubt it. Home Made Kazoku is under Sony to, and they've put out a staggering amount of music in the last three years. 2 albums 1 EP and like 10 singles. Hell they just came out with a new one like a few weeks ago. It feels like these guys are fading away. I mean it's be different if they were working on more solos but they haven't hinted to any new solo music. They aren't really touring either. And Diggy hasn't done a feature since 2009 T^T

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Feb 29 12 7:13 PM

Yeah, I just came here to post this. However, it's weird.... This news isn't on their official site or anything..... On the other hand, CDJapan is rarely wrong, and "SUPERFEELing LIV3" is~ the name of their concert, so....... I dunno. Don't get overly hyped, but don't assume that they're disbanding or anything!! After all, even though I, too, had my doubts right before UnIsong came out, the message that they've sent with that song seems to make it clear that they'll be around with us for a while longer. If they were going to break up, I think that they would do so by the end of this year, and that we would have been more certain by now, ya.

It's on there now! The main page still shows UnIsong, but SUPERFEEL news is on top of the information page. ^,^~

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Apr 4 12 7:40 AM

Lots of news!! :O

First of all, Shinnosuke has been doing some miscellaneous remixing/producing lately (you can find exact info on the official sites and such). Maybe this is the reason for the break in release pattern?
Also, Diggy-MO' is featured on a track for THE Yatou's upcoming album, 9:10 pm.... Apparently, they are a fairly recent rock band..? Not gonna lie, they are completely new to me, so yeah. :X Anyway, here's the tracklist and everything for those who may be interested:

And now, on to more exciting, SOUL'd OUT-specific news!
Chaku-uta for SUPERFEEL has begun, and the full PV is out!! \^.^/ Unfortunately for me, I cannot see it because it's not accessible for those in my country (I can't even view the Sony channel, itself)..... T_T But here it is in case anybody else can enjoy it!:

And of course, the official tracklist:

2012.4.25 Release
¥1,223(tax in)

3.Curtain Call (TeddyLoid Remix)
4.SUPERFEEL (TeddyLoid Remix)

"VELVET ROMANCE"? A slow jam, maybe, hah?

Oops, forgot to add the single cover, lol. But I'm too lazy to upload it, so just go to their Artimage. >.< (Their official site isn't working for me? It's always kinda slow, but here, it won't load at all. )

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May 20 12 9:50 AM

Info from the official site:

As it should be, we're commemorating their 20th single, "Singin' My Lu", to be released on August 1! Coinciding with this, it is decided to be the ending theme to the T.V. anime "Uta Koi"!!

■20th Single
「Singin' My Lu」
2012/8/1 Release!!!

There will be a limited edition DVD version that comes with a clear jacket, which contains an illustration of the anime.

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Jun 23 12 11:18 AM

I'm just gonna drop this not-at-all-important info right here......... ;)


Um, yeah. Definitely preordering the shit out of that DVD version.

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Jul 2 12 8:15 AM

Well, in case I'm not the only one still here, lol......

There's gonna be a new version of STEALTH on Singin' My Lu!!!!!!! X,X So awesome. Never would have expected that. <3

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Jul 14 12 3:19 AM

I just saw the full track list

One of the new songs is called BASTARD!


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