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Jan 30 14 5:39 AM

All the previews are already up on itunes. SILENT and HEAVEN are my gems.

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Feb 4 14 2:51 PM

^ My thoughts are like the complete opposite of everything in your post. Haha.

I only listened to it once so far, but "Carry On My Way" probably my favorite song on the album. Here's the video:

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Feb 4 14 9:27 PM

Carry On My Way and Scream My Name are filled with auto-tune, but I'm guessing that auto-tuned first tracks are going to be traditions in EMI MARIA's albums.
EMI MARIA's albums always deliver, so I'm looking forward to In My World. I still can't get over how good CONTRAST AND BLUE BIRD are.

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Feb 16 14 10:06 PM

The album is amazing. CONTRAST AND BLUE BIRD were albums of the year for me, and I feel like this is no different.
Her chart position was expected, but at least she charted. When I checked iTunes last time, she was doing well on the charts, so maybe this album is doing well digitally.

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Feb 17 14 2:31 AM

Daaaaang. I knew they would be low, but those sales are way worse than I expected tbh. Such a shame. But yeah, it was top 10 on iTunes all week of release. Was only 600 yen so I bought it there too... Still #12 right now actually.

CONTRAST is still best. This album is good, but nowhere near her others for me... A Ballad of My Own included. Not as much of the style I prefer, I guess. It's really missing some stuff that grooves a little harder (without being straight-up dance tracks)... like "Time Is Over", "We Standing Strong", "Nobody Like You",  "3'o clock in the morning", "そんな風に生きて来ただけ", etc. I wish it was longer too! Almost mini Well, hopefully it's not 3 years until the next one.

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Feb 17 14 10:41 AM

Album is okay. I feel the ballads are totally superior to the uptempo tracks.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

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Dec 5 15 12:15 PM

EUPHORIA is her best album since A Ballad Of My Own. I tried getting into Contrast and Blue Bird but other than a few songs I couldn't dig them. I really enjoy pretty much all the songs on this album though, although my least favourite song would probably have to be #per #girls #love #selfie.

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Posts: 2,670 Mohtorboat

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May 30 17 2:45 PM

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