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May 22 11 7:22 PM

I didn't even know they were such close friends but I should of realized since I follow them both on twitter and they support each others music heavily.

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Jun 1 11 2:27 AM

Proud is such a good song. The song is not only a good album ender, but it makes a great single as well.

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Dec 3 11 1:04 AM

Haven't listened to what I'm posting yet, but this was brought to my attention from the Yu-A/ChiE/DeM (aka. split up Foxxi MisQ) thread.

another truth wrote:


Thanks @ Another Truthsmiley: eek

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Apr 8 12 6:40 PM

mini wrote:


she got married to SEEDA and is pregnant

everyone is getting hitched and preggo at the same time, so happy for her <3 and also it says she is working on her new album

I was just about to talk about this. Pretty random! Congrats to them though

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