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Jul 4 16 1:56 PM

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Jul 4 16 4:08 PM

I never listen to reggae so when I first heard the news about "Why So Lonely" being reggae pop I was kinda bummed. But wow that song is amazing! I'm pleasantly surprised smiley: smile Never expected I'd like it so much. Btw Sunmi in that MV... holy shit
I just gave the other songs one listen so I can't really judge but they sound okay.

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Jul 4 16 4:55 PM

I like it! It's not as obviously catchy (for lack of a better term) as their other titles have been, but it's got this understated charm. Like, they know they've made it in the K-Pop world and they know their place on their thrones, they don't really need to impress anyone and they can do whatever they want. It's got a good vibe (as reggae usually does haha), and the video is aesthetically pleasing too

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Jul 4 16 10:36 PM

They said in an interview that they had other songs written, but took out the ones that didn't sound "summery", so it left them with those three. Said they're saving the rest for their next full album.

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Jul 4 16 11:42 PM

I read that too so it takes away the sting of only having 3 songs.   I kinda still wish it was at least a mini-album but in the songs they have The Wonder Girls never disappoint.   My favorite is Sweet and Easy.smiley: happy

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Jul 5 16 2:54 AM

Hmm, I wonder if that means the next album will come a lot sooner than we think


EDIT: I think Sweet & Easy maaaay be my fave out of the three, but I'll need to listen a few more times before I say for sure. All three songs are really great though. The biggest reason I don't like To The Beautiful You (what kind of Hana Kimi weeb teas) is the verse and chorus just doesn't really match for me. I like them both separately, just not together

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Jul 5 16 3:59 PM

Dingo Music live:

Q. It has been a year since you released your 3rd full album last year. How have you been?
Sunmi: We took musical lessons and practiced our performance 3 hours a day. Nobody told us to do so, but we just continued our efforts. It was hard but we had fun. You know, It does a young man good to suffer some privations in the world.

Q. It's notable that you made a comeback as a band again.
Yeeun: After we wrapped up all the promotional activities for our former album, we all began to practice playing musical instruments again. It was quite natural to us.
Yubin: This time, we played musical instruments by ourselves when we were recording the album. Have you listened to the album? It's not bad, huh?

Q. It seems like you always keep challenging yourselves.
Yeeun: We sometimes complain about our life. However, we all love to do what we're doing now. Nothing is impossible to a determined mind. I'm sure we're improving all the time.

Q. Then, why do you try to keep challenging yourselves?
Yeeun: I think it's because we are not practical. You know, most of people are reluctant to challenge. Some say our entry into the U.S music market was a big failure, but I think it was a great experience. I'm sure we gain much from our challenges.
Sunmi: It seems like our life is like "Infinite Challenge."
Hyerim: That's why we're Wonder Girls.

Q. Park Jin Young didn't take part in writing your songs. Are there any reasons for that?
Yeeun: Last year, he told us that he will not take part in writing our songs and we have to do it ourselves. I think it means that he believes us.

Q. How was the album production?
Sunmi: All the members have different musical characters, and that's why we could include a variety of range of music in the album.
Yubin: As the songs are our own songs, we could sing about our own stories. That was fun.

Q. It has been 9 years since you debuted. What do you think is the reason for your long run?
Yeeun: Even though Sunye and Sohee left the team, we always try to respect each other. Nobody here want to quit, and we'll continue to do our best in return for our fans' constant supports.

Q. Any messages to your fans?
Sunmi: Our fans are really great. They've experienced so eventful years, but they're still supporting us.
Yeeun: It has been so many years and I think they do not any fantasy about us. However, we're strongly attached to each other.

Q. JYP's rookie girl group TWICE is now on a roll. How do you feel about it?
Yubin: They're so pretty. They try really hard, and it reminds me of our old days.
Sunmi: They're very busy, but they show no sign of exhaustion. It is highly praiseworthy.

Q. Are you going to try another musical genre?
Yeeun: Actually, we were absorbed in hip hop music early last year. You know, we have a great rapper.
Sunmi: It's quite possible for us to do hip hop music.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your new album?
Yeeun: We don't care about music charts. We just want to give people great music.

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Jul 5 16 9:45 PM

The song is amazing, I love the video as well

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Jul 6 16 2:25 AM

I love it. That last statement really says it all: they know exactly where they belong (rightfully so) and they're happy making music. You really can tell through Why So Lonely

Also BTS for the video~

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Jul 6 16 11:07 AM

I hope they're going to release their album before the end of 2016! The Dingo Music live is so cute. It's true that Wonder Girls fans were truly tested throughout the years but it paid off. Everything's been on point. <3

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Jul 8 16 8:51 AM

Preordered the single some days ago, but just got the time to watch the MV and the Dingo Live. The song is amazing! I'm normally not a big Reggae fan, but the mix works so well here. I especially love the melody bit after the chorus! Also love the colorful styling of the MV and the single. Really looking forward to hold my copy in hands. Gonna listen to the other two new songs, when I'm at home. And thanks for the interview. I seriously appreciate their changes and that they got more involved. Made me a bigger fan as I find their stuff better now.

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Jul 14 16 9:02 PM

Looks like they're implementing the dance for future lives now. I guess it's better than trying to band-sync. It's not my fave routine though tbh

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Jul 15 16 1:59 AM

Another day and another win this time M! Countdown.smiley: eek    I have Direct TV and they have Arirang TV so I get to watch Simply K-POP among others I was hoping to see both dance and band on my TV but I do understand the difficulties of the later.

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Jul 22 16 8:47 AM

This was everything I didn't know I needed

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