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Sep 5 13 1:08 AM

I prefer them to my beats. The beats have over bearing bass and the diamond tears focus on clarity. You can get a lot more better sounding headphones at cheaper prices but if you're okay knowing that you're paying for name and looks first then they're great. They get a lot of compliments and I get stopped a lot too. They're a fashion accessory really and if that's what you're after go for it.

Just watched the video review and it's not exactly much to go buy...

I've had the diamond tears for more than a year now and the cables falling apart. The actual cable is fine, the cable is housed inside a transparent rubber cable and that's what's coming apart. I don't really know how to describe it.

A year after having the beats I can say the wire was still perfectly fine. You do need to be quite delicate with the headset tho as they are built rather terribly and don't have the reinforced feel of the diamond tears.

As for sound I guess it's opinion but I personally listen to my music on full blast on my beats when out and about and I can still hear stuff even with the noise cancelling and the sounds really start to run into each other especially the overbearing bass which they're known for. As the video say the diamond tears are a lot tighter with a lot less leakage and I can listen to my music around the mid level with no problems and the sound doesn't get mashed up on full.

I'd say the beats are more comfortable as they sit around your ears but the diamond tears sit on your ears and due to the tightness they can cause a little pain when on for prolonged periods of time. My formatting seems to be messing up. Also sorry for the lack of punctuation, it's like 6am and I've not slept yet.

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Sep 5 13 2:17 AM

Thanks for the review, shaffy

I ended up buying them I saw another review on Youtube which really made me say yes. And yeah, considering that I used to have the old Lady Gaga Heartbeats, I'm fine with paying a bit more for name and looks. Plus, they were $100 off on eBay, so I wanted to get them as soon as I could. And yeah, I understand what you're saying about the cables falling apart. So long as the actual electrical wire isn't damaged, it should be fine, right? But yeah, hopefully they come in soon. I needed headphones for a music tech class of mine, and I thought might as well look into getting these ehehehe

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Dec 11 13 8:20 AM

Sohee decided not to renew her contract but the others did. Best decision for her.
There is nothing really going on at JYP for her.

Oh and Sunmi is working on her next album to be released next year. Yeeun is writing songs for Sunmi's next album.

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Dec 11 13 12:21 PM

So does that mean she's officially dropping from WG?

I'm glad that Sunmi's working on new material though. 24 Hours is really good honestly. I wonder if they'll include it in the physical edition of the new album or no

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Feb 5 14 8:32 PM

JYP Entertainment told enews on February 5, “Sunmi will be coming back with a mini album on February 17. She will also be holding a Q&A session with her fans on Twitter on February 6.”

It has been reported that Sunmi has already finished filming her new music video in secret and is in the process of fine-tuning in the final steps to return to the stage.

Sunmi will be holding an hour long Q&A session with fans on Twitter on February 6 at 11 pm (KST) before releasing her album on the 17th.

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Feb 6 14 3:15 PM

First teaser image

Werewolf concept because of the full moon? Maybe vampire?

Also in Wonder Girls news, Sunye renewed her contract with JYP.

edit: second image

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Feb 7 14 2:12 AM

THIS LOOKS SO GOOD *CRIES* But let's hope the song is just as good

So we know Sunye is still with JYP but not So Hee...I wonder what this'll mean for WG

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Feb 9 14 6:09 PM

She needs more facial expressions or something she has the same face on teaser pic 1, 4 and 5 lol. I'm quite excited over this because I am expecting something as strong as "24 Hours".

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Feb 10 14 2:09 PM


1. Full Moon (Title Song) Feat. Lena
Lyrics: Brave Brothers Composer: Brave Brothers, 코끼리왕국 Arrangement: Brave Brothers, 코끼리왕국, Lee Jungmin

2. 24 Hours

3. Burn
Lyrics, Composer, Arrangement: Tommy Park, 라파엘

4. 내가 누구? (Who am I?) Feat. Wonder Girls Yubin
Lyrics: Kim Eunsu Rap lyrics: Yubin (Wonder Girls) Composer, Arrangement: east4a

5. 멈춰버린 시간 (Frozen in time) Feat. GOT7 Jackson
Lyrics: Chloe Composer, Arrangement: Nodae, Bjerk

6. 그게 너라면 (If that was you)
Lyrics, Composer, Arrangement: Yeeun (Wonder Girls), Lee Woomin

(CD Hidden Track)
7.그게 너라면 (If that was you) Feat. Wonder Girls Yeeun

So this a tracklisting floating around.
I'm not entirely happy about Brave Bros. Their music tends to sound the same even with different groups.
But I like a lot of their music at the same time. I'm just not sure if a Brave song is going to fit Sunmi.
We'll see.

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Feb 10 14 4:23 PM

Jaxxia: Brave Brothers is one person...

I think her facial expressions in the teaser photos are terrible, I understand its supposed to be a vampire concept (even though Full Moon SHOULD be linked to a Werewolf concept) but girl give some life to your photos at least...

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Feb 10 14 6:36 PM

Ugh another brave brothers song? I know I'll more than likely love it because he produced it, but sorta getting tired of him. Happy to see East4a on there.

Concept looks really interesting.

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Feb 11 14 4:02 AM

How reliable is this tracklist? But I am excited to see some of the collabs. Yenny and Yubin still being active woot, and east4a should be interesting. If it's good enough I may look into getting it, just cuz I'm so in love with 24 Hours

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#820 post_url

Feb 11 14 4:03 PM

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