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Oct 21 11 9:54 PM

lmfao it was probably Teddy's jealous ass

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Oct 23 11 11:05 PM


Preparations for the Wonder Girls‘ much-anticipated Korean comeback are now well underway, as the girls have just rolled out their first teaser event!

On October 24th, the official teaser site for their comeback was released through Upon enterting the site, fans are greeted with the message, “R U Ready?” For fans that have waited nearly a year and a half for their comeback, everyone is more than ready for what the girls will be bringing out.

The JYP Entertainment building has also been wrapped in banners asking the same question, adding anticipation for their comeback.

The teaser event continues on the Wonder Girls’ official Facebook. Until the 31st, 10 fans that visit the Facebook page, like it, and leave a witty reply to the “R U Ready?” question will be chosen to win a digital camera, Wonder Girls polaroids, autographed CDs, and other fun prizes

The Wonder Girls’ second official album will be available starting November 7th.

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Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

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Oct 24 11 7:29 AM

It will be interesting to see how they fare, since they lost their national Korea girl group title to SNSD and that they've been away for a while, not sure how it will fare with the public.

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Oct 24 11 7:39 AM

I'm ready for this comeback. Both to see what they come up with music and image-wise, and how they compete with the other girl groups, namely SNSD.

I wouldn't be so sure about WG just coming back in and snatching wigs and all the awards though.  I expect SNSD to be dominating for quite some time, and WG has been out of the game so long who knows where their popularity stands at the moment.  Plus they seemed to have peaked in 2008ish and then, like you said, SNSD took over, so it'll be an interesting girl-on-girl matchup, heh. 

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Oct 26 11 5:29 AM

Oricon wrote:
Ugh SNSD can only grab 3 weeks of awards max and then Wonder Girls surely will win the rest

Why sad? That "The Boys" song is horrible... 0012624644b554c88d29f5c028f9444a877319ef_r

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Oct 28 11 12:24 AM

It remind me of T-ara's concept in a way...

Curious though, the Wonder Girls haven't really had a dark theme yet, so I'm curious to see what they'll do.

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Oct 28 11 8:44 AM

ROFL, of course Sohee didn't close her mouth. Love that girl, always turning sexy into slutty (still nowhere near HyunA's level though).
And holy crap Yubin, taking hot to a whole new level.
Don't really like Yueen's hair colour, but can't really judge right now since the pictures are in black and white. She's looking ready to rip someone's head off, though.

Wasn't really looking forward to their comeback, but I can't deny I'm a bit curious after seeing those pictures.

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Oct 28 11 11:42 AM

That Lim girl is TERRIBLE. Every time I see her, I just want to push her down a flight of stairs. Her mug is NAAAASTAY and she will never fit in with the rest of these girls.

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