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Apr 19 11 8:15 AM

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이선미/Lee Sun-mi
May 2, 1992

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Apr 21 11 5:16 PM

My daughter gets Teen Vogue and in the May Issue they have section on music coming this spring and in it are The Wonder Girls. The paragraph on them says that they have recruited Claude Kelly to help them perfect their bubblegum-meets-Motown sound for their stateside debut this summer. 

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May 9 11 5:09 PM

Wonder Girls to star in an American Movie

The Asian pop sensation J.Y. Park took to the stage today in Montreux at the Festival of Media and announced plans to create a movie staring his girl band the Wonder Girls.

The movie, Wonder Girls At the Apollo, is a joint venture with Nick Cannon and his Teen Nick stars School Gryls. The film will see the Korean super group and the street savvy Gryls battle each other on stage at Harlem’s iconic Apollo theatre.

The two bands will join forces for the movie, created for Teen Nick, as well as an accompanying album.

The Wonder Girls are the first Korean group to enter the top 100 Billboard chart in the US and were discovered by Park who produces and choreographs the act.

Following in Park’s success as a global brand ambassador, the Wonder Girls are working with several global brands including Kia and Coca-Cola.

Martina Lacey, Montreux

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May 9 11 11:52 PM

I was wondering when they were going to get around to doing their tv show to fame idea. I guess that english album is even further pushed back.

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May 10 11 2:21 PM

gonna flop bad, no one even knows of nick's girl group so i'm not sure why they're name dropping them like they're big. I wouldn't be surprised if it was axed.

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May 11 11 2:11 AM

it's airing on Teen Nick, not even regular Nickelodeon? waow.

I hope the soundtrack doesn't count as their album, though I wouldn't mind if their website sent it out as a freebie to all of the fans who pre-ordered their album 15 years ago...

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May 11 11 9:45 AM

If JYP ain't planning on getting them back to Korea soon, he needs to just disband this group already. With the rate their going, I wonder which member is next to suddenly want to "postpone" their career and go back to school.

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May 11 11 10:55 AM

I would not blame any of the current members for wanting to leave? I used to be such a big Wonder Girls fan, but how can you keep that momentum when you are promised an album thats been taking over three years just to release? And that is just the topping on some of the things that annoy me about the group now, by now they could have had so much more albums and singles had they just stayed in Korea...

Its gotten to a point where waiting for Wonder Girls to come back is like waiting for Stacie Orrico to come back...

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May 11 11 1:02 PM

I don't blame them if they all of a sudden want to do a Sun Mi and "study". Their in a foreign country, their not doing anything worthwhile, and the only promotion they've had is shit like being in a section within a section of Nylon magazine and performing once on a dance reality show competition. This American debut is a hot mess, and JYP needs to suck it up, refund their fans their pre-order money, and send this group back to Korea while girl groups are reigning, before they become even more irrelevant. If he wanted to expand this group, he should have did a Kara and SNSD and shipped this group to Japan. Because outside of Asia, groups like the Wonder Girls will not gain mainstream success like he's trying for them to do. The only fame they'll obtain is what they already have with the under ground, overseas K-pop fans. As for overseas success, he should have just made overseas editions of their albums, fanclub, etc., pandered to those fans if he wanted by holding a few foreign concerts, called it a day, and had their asses debut in Japan instead.

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May 11 11 9:39 PM

This is where I get pissed and say: Stop jerking around and adding stupid side projects and release the album that has been delayed way toooooo long.

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Aug 3 11 6:02 PM

In case no one saw moviebuff's post in the western music chat section....

Link to the ------->>> Q&A <<<-------

I know this is gonna sound terrible, but although its a waste of Lim's dancing capabilities, I'm so glad she's not in Miss A b/c I just would not like to see her face with them peoples....

Also Solhee got kinda fugly idk, maybe its the black hair. But its not always about looks and rather helpfulness... oooh I guess she doesn't really have that either :/smiley: roll

Yubin still gives me goosebumps but that one girl looks like HYNA xD (Yenny) and Sunye is alright. Hot factor has definitely gone down for this group since Sunmi left and since their songs have been stuck in a classy and sophisticated time known as the 60~80s... and please do not compare yourselves to Motown...

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Aug 4 11 2:49 AM

they really need to step it up thats all im gunna say i will forever love WG's cus they are my first kpop group but this is not looking to good for them with these vocals

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Aug 4 11 1:01 PM

Thing that sucks tho is that girl Yenny and Sunye are not like tossaway persons. Idk I like Yubin and all but most of the raps in these korean songs are not like... great; regardless Lim and Solhee are like x____x to me.

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