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May 7 11 5:00 PM

Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media
As you may know, we’ve begun the process of restoring the service through internal testing of the new system. We’re still working to confirm the security of the network infrastructure, as well as working with a variety of outside entities to confirm with them of the security of the system. Verifying the system security is vital for the process of restoration. Additional comprehensive system checks and testing are still required, and we must complete that process before bringing the systems online.

As you’ve heard us say, our utmost priorities are the security of the network and ensuring your data is safe. We won’t restore the services until we can test the system’s strength in these respects.

When we held the press conference in Japan last week, based on what we knew, we expected to have the services online within a week. We were unaware of the extent of the attack on Sony Online Entertainment servers, and we are taking this opportunity to conduct further testing of the incredibly complex system. We know many of you are wanting to play games online, chat with your friends and enjoy all of the services PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have to offer, and trust me when I say we’re doing everything we can to make it happen. We will update you with more information as soon as we have it. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience of this network outage.

Seems like PSN won't be up this weekend.

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May 14 11 12:52 PM

Last I heard it was a possibility PSN will be up by May 31. I really really hope this turns out to be true because Uncharted 3 Beta (Available through purchase of Infamous 2) and most likely COD: Black Ops Escalation DLC will be coming out in early June. I'm anxious to get my hands on both and if PSN isn't up by then I'm really gonna piss a b****. I've been fine with it so far b/c I'm not really an online player (besides Zombies ) but these are releases I've been looking forward to for a while.

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May 14 11 9:34 PM

*sighs* I'm happy now. Banana

Play On – PSN Restoration Begins Now

Thank you for your patience and encouragement over the last few weeks. As covered in the post from earlier today, you can now update the firmware on your PS3 and change your password. Kazuo Hirai just announced that we have begun the phased restoration by region of some of the services, starting with online multiplayer functionality.

Please note that these services will take a bit of time to be turned on and rolled out to the whole country. The process has begun and some states are being turned on now, so please be patient as we reach your city and state. We’ll be updating the map below as service comes online in individual states. It will take several hours to restore PSN throughout the entire country, so please keep checking back for the latest updates. In the meantime, now’s a great time to get your PS3’s firmware updated, which is required to get online.–-psn-restoration-begins-now/

PS3 System Software Update

We have been working on a new PS3 system software update that requires all PSN users to change their password once PlayStation Network is restored. The update (v3.61) is mandatory and is available now.

If using a PS3, your password can only be changed on your own PS3 (or a PS3 on which your PSN account was activated), as an added layer of security. If you have never downloaded any content using your account on the system, an email will be sent to the registered sign-in ID (email address) associated with your account when you first attempt to sign-in to PSN. This e-mail will contain a link that will enable you to change your password. In this email, click on the link and follow the instructions to change your password. Once you have changed your password you can sign-in to your account using your new password.

We strongly recommend that all PSN account holders with PS3s update their systems to prepare for when PlayStation Network is back online. The release of this update is a critical step as we work to make PlayStation Network significantly more secure. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

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May 16 11 11:30 PM

Details Of The Welcome Back Programme For SCEE Users (EU)

Not a bad deal at all. I had a hunch that existing PS+ users would be getting double the free months of free users - just makes more sense that way. I'll be getting Wipeout HD/Fury for sure, and probably Dead Nation as well.

What are you going to get?

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May 16 11 11:54 PM

NA PSN is getting similar, as I suspect most would except we get Super Stardust HD over Ratchet and Clank.

I will be getting, inFamous and Little Big Planet most likely. I beat inFamous like 2 years ago but I LOVED that game. Only rented it so I would not mind getting it free. Wasn't a big fan of SSHD, and I already own Wipeout and Dead Nation, really wanted Ratchet and Clank though over LBP lol. Oh well nothing wrong with free stuff ^.^

Might que up the PSP downloads, although I dont have room for the games on my stick, nor do I actually want them >.>

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May 17 11 12:00 AM

Yeah, the main reason I'm choosing the games I chose is because I already own inFamous and LBP, and Quest For Booty isn't really a 'full-game' experience. My ideal couple would be Super Stardust with Wipeout, but hey, free games are free games and they've all got pretty good Metascores.

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May 17 11 1:29 AM

I already have LBP GOTY and Wipeout HD/Fury so... Super Stardust HD and Infamous.
probably Stacking from PSN Plus too, if i feel like it.

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May 22 11 9:26 AM

Sony just announced the PlayStation Portable Remaster Series. PSP games on the PS3 remastered with HD graphics, extra content, the ability to play multiplayer with the PSP and transfer saves.

This kinda kills the PSP but I think it could work with certain titles. So far they've announced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. and I think its a great starting point.

Square Enix needs to jump on this and release Dissidia Duodecim. Who am I kidding they've probably already submitted the game to Sony...

Last Edited By: shaffy oppa May 22 11 9:29 AM. Edited 1 time.

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May 22 11 11:36 AM

^ Yeah, as long as the first few games have some kind of compatibility to the PSP I dont see it dieing right away, at least in Japan. But for everywhere the PSP is not a huge hit month after month, this will be great for all the games people wanted to play but could not. Hopefully all of Square Enix's line up gets brought over ect.

There are not too many games I can think of being brought over though, at least not the ones that are more or less PS1 level games. Looking forward to this though.

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Jun 2 11 5:13 PM

PSN is supposed to be up by the end of the day. I'm just waiting for that Welcome Back package to start.


The Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Collector's Edition has been detailed. It will cost $99.99 and come with the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception game, a Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake Statue, a replica of Drake's belt buckle, a replica of Drake's ring and necklace, a "Steelbook" game case, and a traveling chest. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is undoubtedly one of the year's most highly anticipated sequels and for those that just can't get enough, you can now pre-order the Collector's Edition and get some pretty sweet Nathan Drake memorabilia.

Whether or not you want to throw down the extra cash for the Collector's Edition is but one decision you're going to have to make when it comes to Uncharted 3, as a whole bunch of retailers are offering different pre-order bonuses when it comes to the game. Check after the break to see who's offering what.

Best Buy - Regeneration Booster
Allows you to "boost your healing power to recover from your wounds more quickly." - Carpet Bomb Kickback Perk
Allows you to "send out three grenades with a single throw to blanket your opponent – or take out a group of opponents – with multiple explosions." – Clip Size Mod for Para 9 or G-MAL
Allows you to increase the size of the bullet clip for your weapon of choice and "spend more time shooting your opponents before having to reload."

GameStop - Creepy Crawler Kickback Perk
Allows you to "turn into a swarm of deadly creatures for a limited time and overwhelm your enemies."

Wal-Mart - Callout Mod for AK-47
Allows you to "equip your AK-47 with a laser sight that enables your entire team to see the location of the opponent you are currently targeting."

All Other Participating Retailers
Uncharted 3 PSN Avatar & Static Theme for PS3

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Jun 2 11 9:02 PM

PSN went back up in most places with lots of goodies waiting. Least for me lol, No More Heroes Demo on EU PSN and InFamous 2 Demo. Also saw FF6 up there too. (pretty sure it was 6 haha.)

Also Metal Gear Solid HD collection confirmed/reconfirmed along with the surprising Zone of the Enders HD collection. Guess Kojima wants to see how it does before going in for ZoE3, hes said he wants to make it after MGS4 so hopefully Konami funds it! Zone of the Enders 2 was a personal favorite game of all time so I got my fingers crossed. 

Last Edited By: Furi Kuri Jun 2 11 9:08 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Posts: 287 フューチャーキッス 

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Jun 15 11 3:52 AM

I just recently got the PlayStation Move. Any recommended games for the Move other than Sports Champions?

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