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Apr 18 11 10:20 PM

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May'n & Megumi Nakajima Thread
  • [2009.11.25] Styles
  • [2010.11.24] cosmic cuune (Sheryl Nome starring May'n - with Nakajima Megumi) (concept album)
  • [2011.02.23] If you...
  • [2012.03.21] HEAT


  • [2009.01.21] May'n☆Street (メイン☆ストリート)
  • [2009.11.25] Universal Bunny (ユニバーサル・バニー) (Sheryl Nome starring May'n)


  • [2005.04.27] Crazy Crazy Crazy
  • [2005.06.01] Crazy Crazy Crazy (Re-release)
  • [2005.08.03] Sympathy
  • [2006.09.27] Fallin' in or Not feat. SEAMO
  • [2008.05.08] Diamond Crevasse / Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don't be late (ダイアモンド クレバス / 射手座☆午後九時Don't be late; Sagittarius☆9PM Don't be late) (Sheryl Nome starring May'n)
  • [2008.08.20] Lion (ライオン) (May'n / Nakajima Megumi)
  • [2009.05.06] Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare (キミシニタモウコトナカレ; Thou Shalt Not Die)
  • [2009.10.21] pink monsoon (Sheryl Nome starring May'n)
  • [2010.07.28] Ready Go!
  • [2010.10.13] Shinjitemiru (シンジテミル; Try to Believe)
  • [2011.05.11] Scarlet Ballet
  • [2011.11.02] Brain Diver
  • [2012.05.09] Chase the World

Megumi Nakajima



  • [2010.06.09] I love you
  • [2010.11.24] cosmic cuune (Ranka Lee=Nakajima Megumi - with May'n) (concept album)


  • [2009.01.21] Tenshi ni Naritai (天使になりたい; I Wanna Be an Angel)
  • [2009.03.11] Nostalgia (ノスタルジア)
  • [2009.12.09] Jellyfish no Kokuhaku (ジェリーフィッシュの告白; Confession of a Jellyfish)
  • [2010.11.24] Melody (メロディ)
  • [2011.10.26] Kamisama no Itazura (神様のいたずらGod's Mischief)
  • [2012.02.01] TRY UNITE! / Hello!
  • [2012.08.01] Marble / Wasurenai yo. (マーブル / 忘れないよ。I Won't Forget.)
  • [2013.01.23] Sonna Koto Ura no Mata Urabanashi Desho? (そんなこと裏のまた裏話でしょ?)
  • Character Singles
  • [2008.06.25] Seikan Hikou (星間飛行; Interstellar Flight) (Ranka Lee=Nakajima Megumi)
  • [2008.08.20] Lion (ライオン) (Ranka Lee=Nakajima Megumi - with May'n)
  • [2008.12.24] Ranka to Bobby no SMS Shoutai no Uta Nado. (ランカとボビーのSMS小隊の歌 など。; Ranka and Bobby's SMS Platoon Theme and More.) (Ranka Lee - with Miyake Kenta)
  • [2009.11.11] One Way Ryou Omoi (ワンウェイ両想い; One Way Love) (Sakura Kaede - with Inoue Marina)
  • [2009.12.16] CM Ranka (CMランカ) (Ranka Lee=Nakajima Megumi)
  • [2011.01.26] Houkago Overflow (放課後オーバーフロウ; After School Overflow) (Ranka Lee=Nakajima Megumi)
  • [2011.05.11] If (Tamagawa Mari)

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#3 post_url

Dec 22 11 12:22 AM

Megumi Nakajima
Release Date 2012/02/01

NEW ALBUM:「Be With You」
Release Date 2012/03/07
Regular Edition
Limited Edition

New single is being used both the intro and outro themes for "Rinne no Lagrange"
The Limited edition for her new album is so expensive

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#4 post_url

Dec 22 11 1:30 AM


May'n and SURFACE vocalist Shiina Yoshiharu special unit "Astronauts."
First single "Giant Step" will be released on 2012.01.25 and the title track is the ending theme of "Kamen Rider Fourze."

Astronauts 1st single "Giant Step"
2012/01/25 Release
[CD+DVD] 1890円 avex entertainment AVCA-49426B
[CD] 1260円 avex entertainment AVCA-49427

CD Tracklist:
1. Giant Step / Astronauts (Vocal: May'n & 椎名慶治 (Shiina Yoshiharu))
2. ENDLESS PLAY / Astronauts feat. SHIINA (Vocal: 椎名慶治)
3. Giant Step Rock'n Roll States edit. / Astronauts (Vocal: May'n & 椎名慶治)
4. Giant Step instrumental
5. ENDLESS PLAY instrumental
6. Giant Step Rock'n Roll States edit. instrumental

DVD Tracklist:
・Giant Step Music Video


Kamen Rider avex SOUND WEB:

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#9 post_url

Jun 17 12 2:42 AM

Promo pic, covers for "Marble / Wasurenai yo.":

Promo pic:

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) cover:

Regular Edition (CD) cover:

中島愛 7th Single 「マーブル / 忘れないよ。」 (Marble / Wasurenai yo.)
2012.08.01 Release

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) VTZL-47 ¥1,890 (tax included)
Regular Edition (CD) VTCL-35134 ¥1,365 (tax included)

First Press Limited Edition contains DVD with the music video for "Marble," live ticket information, and an original photo card (random out of three types).

CD Tracklist:
1. マーブル (Marble)
 作詞: 岩里祐穂 作曲・編曲・プロデュース: Rasmus Faber (Lyrics: Iwasato Yuho / Composition, Arrangement: Rasmus Faber)
2. 忘れないよ。 (Wasurenai yo.)
 作詞・作曲: 矢吹香那 編曲: 清水信之 (Lyrics, Composition: Yabuki Kana / Arrangement: Shimizu Nobuyuki)
3. マーブル -bis- (Marble -bis-)
 作曲・編曲・ピアノ演奏: Rasmus Faber (Composition, Arrangement, Piano Performance: Rasmus Faber)
4. TRY UNITE! -Live Version- (2012年4月8日Zepp Tokyoにて収録)
5. Hello! -Live Version- (2012年4月8日Zepp Tokyoにて収録)
6. マーブル -Instrumental- (Marble -Instrumental-)
7. 忘れないよ。 -Instrumental- (Wasurenai yo. -Instrumental-)


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#10 post_url

Jun 19 12 11:34 PM

another song with Rasmus Faber! I really hope its just as good as "TRY UNITE" which is my favorite single of the year so far!

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Nov 7 12 3:52 AM

May'n's performance at Anime Festival Asia 2012 at Singapore Expo will be streamed on niconico Live.
You need an account to watch and you can use timeshift to watch it later.

AFA2012 "I Love Anisong Concert" Day 3, Part 2: May'n
Date: Sunday, November 11
Time: 9:20 PM SGT (10:20 PM JST)
Nico program page:


How to use timeshift:

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#13 post_url

Dec 8 12 1:24 AM

Currently obsessed with May'n! She's basically the new Masami Okui. Hopefully "Chase the World" being such a big hit for her will garner her some more attention for future singles/albums. Literally could play all her albums back to back (except May'n Space, which completely turned me off to her at first and which is why it took so long to like her)

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#14 post_url

Dec 11 12 11:31 PM

I love May'n! she is just too awesome. I esp. like her Sheryl Nome singles, Moshimo Kimi ga Negau no nara, shingitemiru, and scarlet ballet. Chase the world is pretty neat too

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#15 post_url

Dec 12 12 6:59 PM

Yeah, I like her Sheryl Nome singles too, especially Diamond Crevasse. I love watching the live performances of that one!

For her original songs, my favorites are her big ballads (Moshimo..., Ai wa Furu Hoshi...) and Scarlet Ballet. But I also love Disco☆Galaxxxy, Get Tough, Hero, etc.

Surprisingly, the tracks I tend to dislike are her self-compositions...which is a little sad. Mosaica, for example, is too crazy even for me!

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#16 post_url

Jan 11 13 2:37 AM

Nakajima Megumi new single "Sonna Koto Ura no Mata Urabanashi Desho" will be released on January 23. The title track is the opening theme song for the anime "Kotoura-san"

Promo pic:

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) cover:
Large HQ cover:

Regular Edition (CD) cover:
Large HQ cover:
中島愛 8th Single 「そんなこと裏のまた裏話でしょ?」
2013.01.23 Release

[First Press Limited Edition] (CD+DVD)  VTZL-53  ¥1,890 (Tax included)
*Another jacket card (One random out of multiple types)

[Regular Edition] (CD)  VTCL-35144  ¥1,365 (Tax included)

CD Tracklist:
1. そんなこと裏のまた裏話でしょ? (Sonna Koto Ura no Mata Urabanashi Desho?)
  作詞: 西直紀  作曲: hirao(SpiralS)  編曲: mukai(SpiralS) (Lyrics: Nishi Naoki, Composition: hirao(SpiralS), Arrangement: mukai(SpiralS))
2. Mamegu A Go! Go!
  作詞/作曲/編曲: 北川勝利  ホーン編曲: 西脇辰弥 (Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement: Kitagawa Katsutoshi, Horn Arrangement: Nishiwaki Tatsuya)
3. 素直 (Sunao)
  作詞/作曲: Castella  編曲: 窪田ミナ (Lyrics & Compositiion: Castella, Arrangement: Kubota Mina)
4. そんなこと裏のまた裏話でしょ? -Instrumental-
5. Mamegu A Go! Go! -Instrumental-
6. 素直 -Instrumental-

DVD: Tracklist: 「そんなこと裏のまた裏話でしょ?」 Music Video & メイキング


Nakajima Megumi - "Sonna Koto Ura no Mata Urabanashi Desho" Music Video (Short ver.):

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#17 post_url

Mar 8 13 10:31 AM

「Run Real Run」
2013.05.08 OUT

First Pressing
¥1,890 (tax in)

Regular Edition
CD Only
¥1,260 (tax in)

01 Run Real Run
作詞: 井上秋緒
作曲: 本間昭光
02 アウトサイダー
作詞: 岩里祐穂
作曲: 本間昭光
編曲: tasuku
03 Run Real Run (without May'n)
04 アウトサイダー (without May'n)

DVD Tracklist:
「Run Real Run」 Music Video

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#18 post_url

Mar 8 13 10:56 AM

Wow, that's one day off from a year ago when Chase the World was released xD it's been unusually quiet for May'n, though she did have those digital singles...

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