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Sep 28 11 8:32 PM

that's weird because i tried to change my avatar right after seeing your post and i manage to change it

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Aug 11 12 10:20 AM

okay I have a big question. First, I'm in the U.S. Everytime I get a new CD/DVD, I try to play the DVD in my PS3. Of course it doesn't ever work. But for some reason, with the Thelma Aoyama Thelma Best DVD, it played 0_0 Why is that?? It's not like it's a blu-ray.. PS3s are still region locked despite popular belief.

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Oct 9 12 1:39 AM

Didn't know where to post, but for some reason I no longer see the J-Urban/R&B and electro sub-sections on the forum? The J-Rock section still is listed on the forum, however.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Oct 9 12 1:57 AM

Oh yeah! I've been having the same problem for a few weeks actually. The only way I have been able to get to those sub-forums is to go through the original artists forum and click them there.

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Oct 24 12 5:32 AM

Dear awesome admins, my question is a bit long, however I am a bit shaken from this new discovery...

Since 2003 I had come across a very unique, active, and useful place of information known as JPM Forums.
Throughout high school, college, and various times in my life I grew close to the forum as it was essential to my learning of Japanese music.
After some years at some point I drifted away and when I returned there was no longer a JPM Forums.
Saddened I have longed for the day that I would come across this community again somewhere, sometime, someplace....
There would never be another community forum to replace it...but, somehow I believed that if I Google searched now and then, it would pop up again...
Tonight I Google Searched "Jpop Forum" and I found Jpop Central. Scrolling along I expected the usual dying or ancient (or both) forum community...but no..this place was alive! And then I noticed "Anime Town" lol. And also the way the sections were set up..."could it be?"

So after some looking around I'm pretty sure this is the new JPM, now JPC?
I guess my question is:

Am I seeing things or....? Is JPM back as JPC?! And if so, what the heck happened!? O_O Are any of the same admins around? Because all of you were awesome!
If this is the new JPM, I have to say I think this just made my year.

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Nov 2 12 4:22 PM

I'm missing the J-Electronica sextion. why is it not there but the thread for the artist still exist?

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#111 post_url

Nov 5 12 8:09 PM

^I asked the same thing at the top of the page, no one answered though ... the J-urban and J-electronica sections no longer appear on the forum for me.

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Apr 24 13 5:59 PM

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is anyone else having trouble with YouTube videos on this forum?

First, when I try to open the video in another window (clicking either the title of the YouTube video, or the YouTube logo at the bottom), it doesn't do anything.

Second, YouTube videos have started automatically playing when I open a forum/topic page. So multiple windows having videos that play automatically is an annoyance.

So has something changed with the forum's settings, javascript, something? Or is it something that I need to change on my computer (I'm using a Mac, if it makes a difference)?

Thanks for any help.

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Apr 26 13 6:44 AM

^ the youtube vids in the thread will only show after you click on the ''spoiler'' tab as far as my browser goes.

not sure about other vids, but it didn't play automatically when i open other threads. (ie the akb48 thread)

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Apr 27 13 5:15 PM

Thanks everyone, glad it's not just me.

And thankfully it's not every video, like another truth mentioned, but the Jolin Tsai thread... last page makes my computer freeze because it's playing so many videos at once -_-;;

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