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Jan 29 12 2:11 PM

mini wrote:
her new pv

no offense,this might be the cheapest pv I have ever seen, she just walks around a school/building in the same outfit for 4 minutes, the song is okay

wonder if the last girl is her sister or something,they look a like

Could be her mother?

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Feb 1 12 2:14 PM

OMG 2 Shooting Stars is amazing ^_____^!!
New favorite track. Rainy Day is good too =]

This album is pretty J-Pop compared to Colors, but it's much better than for you.
Recommend it, bitches. ♥

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Feb 4 12 2:29 PM

May J. and Inoue Joe will be at the "Tune in Tokyo presents HARAJUKU HOLIDAY: Lolita Fashion Showcase and J-Pop Dance Party" event at Royal/T Café in Culver City, CA. The event will be on Wed, February 22nd, from 8pm to midnight. Tickets are $10.

From the press release, there will be "live performances, meet & greet, and fan activities featuring May J. and Inoue Joe."

Press release: http://www.animenewsnetwo...ests-may-j-and-joe-inoue

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Feb 5 12 11:51 PM

Why is Say Ah! so quiet compared to the other tracks? I've downloaded several different rips and even converted a FLAC to 320kbps MP3 myself and it's mastered so quietly for some reason..

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Mar 27 12 4:14 AM

I was kinda surprised by that. With a voice as good as the one she has, there are so many good songs she could do. But a lot of her songs are kind of boring. her last album was pretty good though.

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Posts: 844 "☆KYAH!☆

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Mar 30 12 12:33 AM

^I loled at the tags, since it's avex official channel. tags like: " 2NE1 FIRE UGLY YEAH-OH 安室奈美恵" etc
oh you, avex xDDDD

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Mar 30 12 7:21 AM

The song isn't as bad as everyone's making it out to be. Just look who produced the song...

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