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Nov 22 11 11:58 PM

I was hoping to hear Do tha' Do tha'.
in my dreams......

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Nov 23 11 12:50 AM

lol I mean that was the song that all the foreign people were into, so it would make sense in some kind of way. Nonono was okay I guess.
What's with her getting the shortest end of the stick... like jeezus that set was muy horrible! I don't know which looked better, the PV that she is in or the set here....

actually this set wins at most b/c that PV is looks like an abomination. Somewhere up there with JAY'ED's shine

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Jan 1 12 3:17 PM

The production sounds generic and cheap as fuck.

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Posts: 844 "☆KYAH!☆

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Jan 1 12 3:21 PM

avex is wasting her talent. I still listen her debut mini-album and full album, more urban and sexy. but i never listen her avex stuff because is so boring and pukin pokin. so sad ;_;

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Jan 1 12 5:38 PM

Probably from this era the only two memorable songs were that digital "No No No" one (because it was different; not particularly that great) and "Yozora no Yuki". It was weird in the CM b/c "I'm proud" and the one right afterwards seemed like the same exact song.... xD

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Jan 21 12 9:12 PM

Eh the previews are kind of disappointing... avex have been slack with this album though, there is no tracklist or any previews on her official site...

Album tracklist from HMV:

1 Only one 2 OUR FUTURE 3 夜空の雪 4 No No No 5 I'm proud 6 君が溢れだす 7 Say“Ah!” 8 二人 feat. May J., JAY'ED (Piano in Version) / STUDIO APARTMENT 9 2 Shooting Stars 10 SECRET DIARY 11 The Lifelines [☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo), Maynard Plant (blanc./MONKEY MAJIK), WISE, and May J.] / The Lifelines 12 Rainy Day 13 RAINBOW 14 キセキのうた feat. SUGAR SOUL, Zeebra, RYO the SKYWALKER, May J., SIMON -DJ HASEBE REMIX- / STUDIO APARTMENT

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Jan 27 12 7:29 PM

lol why does she look so awkward as she sways from side to side... did all of her SWAG just die... I mean literally ALLLL of it just no longer exists?

She looks good though. I got melody vibes for w/e reason.

I'm afraid we're gonna start seeing her in a burger shack in a little bit :/

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