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Oct 9 14 10:54 PM

hahaha that's hilarious. nice one.
but anyways, middle-aged folks? interesting.. i guess that would explain a lot. at least she has found a demographic that will buy her stuff now I guess.

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Nov 12 14 6:48 AM

omg wow...

「May J. W BEST -Original & Covers-」
2015.01.01 out
2CD Regular / 2CD Lmited / 2CD+1DVD / 2CD+3DVD / 2CD+2Bluray

01. So Beautiful
02. Sunshine Baby!
03. 本当の恋
04. Let It Go~ありのままで~(エンドソング)
05. Lovin' you
08. Shiny Sky
09. ONE MORE KISS / May J. × Zeebra × 難波章浩
10. Beautiful Days
11. Be mine ~君が好きだよ~
12. 旅立つ君に
13. Dear...
14. HERE WE GO feat.VERBAL(m-flo)
15. My Sweet Dreams
16. ありがとう [2015 ver.]

01. ハナミズキ
02. キラキラ
03. LIFE
04. 風になりたい feat. CHRIS & BUZZER BEATS
05. Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', クレンチ&ブリスタ
06. A Whole New World with クリス・ハート
07. 涙そうそう
08. 生きてこそ
09. Precious
10. 手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~
11. 元気を出して
12. First Love
13. 永遠に
15. Believe

2CD+3DVD盤DVD / 2CD+2Blu-ray盤Blu-ray
01. HERE WE GO feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
02. Dear...
03. DO tha' DO tha'
04. Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', クレンチ&ブリスタ
05. もし君と… with キマグレン
06. 旅立つ君に
07. Be mine~君が好きだよ~
08. Sing for you / May J. × MAY'S
09. Shiny Sky
10. あの日があるから feat. RYO the SKYWALKER
11. ONE MORE KISS / May J. × Zeebra × 難波章浩
12. 夜空の雪
13. I'm proud
15. Rewind
16. Back To Your Heart feat. Daniel Powter -Story Edition -
17. 私がカバーガール
20. Precious
21. ハナミズキ
22. 白い雲のように with クリス・ハート
23. First Love
24. Lovein' you
25. きみの唄
26. Eternally
27. Believe
28. 元気を出して
29. 生きてこそ
30. I Believe [Japanese Version] feat. V.I (from BIGBANG)
31. LIFE
32. 本当の恋
33. Sunshine Baby!
34. つかのまの虹でも
35. 誓いのキス
36. So Beautiful

01. So Beautiful
02. Dear...
03. Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', クレンチ&ブリスタ
04. Be mine~君が好きだよ~
05. ONE MORE KISS / May J. × Zeebra × 難波章浩
07. Precious
08. ハナミズキ
09. First Love
10. Lovein' you
11. Believe
12. 元気を出して
13. 本当の恋

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Nov 12 14 2:03 PM

It's only a new best when there's a new remix of Garden tbh!

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Nov 12 14 7:21 PM

looloo wrote:
It's only a new best when there's a new remix of Garden tbh!

lol legit. where's the new garden remix XD   
but seriously yeah she just released a best. don't understand the jpop industry anymore.

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Nov 15 14 7:07 AM

^I think so. I guess, "M" stands for her original work (disc 1) and "W" for the covers (disc 2).

Anyway, the DVD/Blu-ray content is impressive. It's a shame that the first CD is quite incomplete.


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Feb 25 15 11:21 AM

Well, I thought she would be silent for a while after releasing the best but she just released a single called ReBirth with nice tie-ins. On another note. she performed "So Beautiful", "Hontou no Koi" and "Let It Go" at KKBOX.

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May 2 15 6:27 PM

I was watching J-MELO and this week they showed an old episode with RANKIN TAXI performing. Shanti was there too, the opening theme was Give my heart, but she still had dark hair and her look was like in her Sony days so I guess it must have been from early 2009 because by the time FAMILY was out she she started to look like what she looks nowadays. Anyway I was so surprised because she spoke SO differently, nothing like the later J-MELO episodes. Her voice was a little deep, almost felt like she was a different person haha. Her English is a lot better now, not that it was bad back then. But it was nice seeing this, gave me some nostalgia She grew up a lot!

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