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Apr 11 13 10:38 AM


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the cover album because I do want to hear the Yuna Ito cover, and I'm glad she's putting on the First Love cover on it since she performed it a while ago.

lol at the Flo Rida collab but I'd rather her than someone that can barely speak English

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May 1 13 7:55 PM

I love the arrangements but May J. voice is just not right for this song...
She sounds nasal all the time and her voice is not powerful enough to cary this big romantic ballad..

I would love to hear Yuna sing Precious but in this version (missing Yuna in general, where is that girl?)

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May 2 13 12:50 PM

her version just made me want to listen to the original version. (Yuna's voice is unbeatable)

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May 24 13 6:06 PM

Endless Game/嵐
Answer And Answer/9mm Parabellum Bullet
Magic of Love/Perfume
ハナミズキ/May J.
Last Love/Rihwa

May J is performing at Music Station next week. This has been a really solid year for her commercially and it looks like the Covers album may do nicely as well. With the Music Station performance the Best may be able to pass 50k+ in the long run.

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May 24 13 11:53 PM

Interesting that the album is called "Summer Ballad Covers" since a good amount of the songs are not ballads. WTF at her voice in I DREAMED A DREAM.

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May 25 13 1:18 PM

I like the preview of secret base and I agree she really does sound like a possessed queen in I DREAMED A interest for this has really gone down. Still though I hope it does well and I'm surprised that the best album is still charting lol, but its good she's having some success.

Hopefully she'll get FAMILY-esque sales again but that probably won't happen.

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May 27 13 2:14 AM

She performed Hanamizuki a few times in the karaoke battle segment on TV Asahi's Shiwake Eito, and winning her battle every time. Interestingly, every time she performs there, her interest in her peaked and her best album returns to top 30. (The show is a golden time show with average ratings of 12%-14% and always wins its time slot).

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