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Apr 17 11 5:41 PM

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  • Name: May J.
  • Real Name: May Jamileh Hashimoto
  • Birthdate: June 20th, 1988
  • Blood Type: O

May J. was born on June 20, 1988 to a Japanese father and a mother of Persian, English, Turkish, and Russian descent. At the age of 14, May J. was successful at a Sony Music Japan audition and soon signed onto Sony Music. Before making her major debut, May J. was a dancer for Aaron Carter's Japanese concert and was featured the track "Luyva: Another Episode" from Sphere of Influence's album Big Deal, credited simply as May.




Digital Singles

Other Singles


  • [2007.12.14] LOVE BLOSSOM (FPM house mix)


Compilation / Other

  • [2008.11.12] Sawano Hiroyuki - "Prisoner OST" (#20 WISE - Unchain my heart feat. May J.)
  • [2009.09.16] m-flo TRIBUTE ~maison de m-flo~ (#1 May J. & JONTE - miss you)
  • [2009.12.09] Mellow Disney ~R&B Revisited~ (#2 Part Of Your World)
  • [2010.12.08] AILI - Future (#2 AILI thanx to May J. - Shiny! Shiny!, #5 AILI thanx to May J. & KEN THE 390 - One story)

Official website

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#2 post_url

Apr 22 11 10:53 AM

omg, she's looks so easygoing. I love when she's on J-MELO.
But, as she said, Live Colors won't be coming in any kind of release right? I wish I could see some footage from this live.

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#3 post_url

Aug 10 11 1:24 PM

New song "No No No" - releases digitally August 24
pretty badass song

New STUDIO APARTMENT song "Futari feat. May J. & JAY'ED". released by chaku-uta on July 17th.

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#6 post_url

Aug 19 11 3:43 PM

No No No is Fantastic <333

Really awesome, she has to include it in her next physical release (album or mini album) ^^
I wish someday, she will bring back her first AVEX release success ^

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#7 post_url

Aug 19 11 3:55 PM

I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. First avex sells her out as an R&B-Lite flower princess, she flops, and now they're selling her out as a cheap K-Pop wannabe? No, thanks. Then again, it is~ a lot better than most of what she's been doing lately, lol. >_>

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#10 post_url

Sep 15 11 5:21 PM

yay it's amazing "Kimi Ga Afuredasu" 9/28 digital single

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#13 post_url

Nov 10 11 11:16 AM

album, "SECRET DIARY" out 2012.01.25


May J.が、はじめて全面的に作詞を手掛けた革新的5thアルバム!! 「No No No」、「君が溢れだす」、「夜空の雪」、「I'm proud」(華原朋美カバー)、「二人 feat. May J. & JAY'ED」、「キセキのうた feat. SUGAR SOUL (KAM),Zeebra,RYO the SKYWALKER,May J.,SIMON」Remix、「The Lifelines (feat. ☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo), Maynard Plant (blanc./MONKEY MAJIK), WISE, May J.)」他、全14曲収録予定。


<通常盤、初回限定生産盤 共通収録>
・May J. Live 2011 "Believin' Colors"のライブ映像(5曲)
・MUSIC VIDEO(「夜空の雪」「I’m proud」含む3曲)

・海外オフショット集( NY / LA / 韓国)

+DVD (first press, DVD also includes fan club event video and oversea's off-shot footage)



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#14 post_url

Nov 10 11 12:54 PM

It's soo far, and they really put everything she have done since her last album but well I am so excited *_*

The covers are perfect, really stunning! I think she looks like Spencer in Pretty Little Liars xD
I hope we will get some great and hot songs like No No No <3

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#17 post_url

Nov 13 11 10:06 PM

Wow she looks bad on those covers, the first looks like Mariah Carey

And what is with Futari, Kiseki no Uta and The Lifelines being included, talk about lame, filling up an album with featuring songs

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#20 post_url

Nov 22 11 11:11 PM

Apparently May J. performed at J-Fest that happened this past weekend in Moscow

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