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Jun 2 13 12:56 PM

I hope someone can help me...
Arashi's Furusato song (the one they sang twice at Kouhaku), is it theirs? Or they just made a cover out of it? If yes, who does it belong to?

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Oct 3 13 8:59 PM

new album "LOVE" due for release on Oct.23

LE <--->RE


4.Hit the floor (Vocal:Satoshi Ohno)
6.sugar and salt (Vocal:Sho Sakurai)
8.20825日目の曲 (Vocal:Kazunari Ninomiya)
9.Rock Tonight
10.Endless Game
12.夜空への手紙 (Vocal:Masaki Aiba)
13.Dance in the dark (Vocal:Jun Matsumoto)
14.Starlight kiss

LE has DVD for PARADOX pv + 60p booklet
RE has 32p lyrics booklet

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Oct 13 13 4:40 PM

^me too .. simple yet classy

P•A•R•A•D•O•X short ver

regarding Furusato, they finally (i think) sang the original & full version on NHK's School Music Competition just recently..
it's really beautiful, it definitely warrants a CD release..but i guess it's going to be exclusively for NHK and Kouhaku use so far

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Oct 15 13 3:46 PM

Any expectations regarding sales? Pretty much the same as Beautiful World / Popcorn or a small / large drop? Technically Popcorn did better than Beautiful World, I guess, since that was stuck at around 840k before the JAL version was released, but I'd like for them to stay above 900k.

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Oct 19 13 7:37 PM

hard to say, their sales lately are pretty much unpredictable if we'd go by Endless Game's case but i feel it suffered coz of the huge sales of C/B.. fans' wallets needs time to recuperate
not helping much that the group's been doing a lot even within those times of no releases - 24 jikan goods, waku waku goods, arafes goods , tour lottery tickets, tour goods..
i hope having a PV added would serve as an incentive, since it's been a while they had one included in an album..and the concept this time is totally different from their usual happy bright rainbow songs xD

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Oct 22 13 4:00 AM

Didn't Beautiful World have Mada Minu Sekai e with a PV? Or did they just perform the song on Music Station? I forget

Anyway, I heard the album, and... this is the first Arashi album I actually like almost all songs on! Normally I like a single or two, I like one or two album tracks, and the rest is all filler to me. But this time the style hits right home, and the more retro-dance tracks, the more modern dance-tracks and the slower tracks are all good. There are still one or two silly tracks, but I am pleasantly surprised.

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Oct 22 13 4:28 AM

i also forgot and sure took me a while to look for the answer xD
the album didn't have it, the Mada Minu Sekai E PV was included on Boku no Miteiru DOME+ DVD, released a month before BW album

i've also heard the album, though my first impressions were opposite of yours but from constant listening i came to love all the tracks eventually

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Oct 23 13 3:16 PM


I'm pleasantly surprised at how cohesive this album is. At first, I was like WTF at all the songs because I couldn't see the pattern but after I got my copy and listened to it as a whole, I came to like it. Ohno's solo was something new. I didn't like it at first listen but I think its my favourite solo of the year. I appreciate Aiba-chan's solo too. I like the lyrics for Nino's solo but the melody is something he has already done. I want Neen to challenge himself more tbh. Jun and Sho's usually have the most lacklustre solos imo. Jun's solo is cute while Sho's reminds me of old school R&B.

BTW, to all the lucky fans who got a ticket, Arashi is doing a special dance choreo with the audience for this year's concert tour. 

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Oct 23 13 7:39 PM

i also didn't like the solos at first especially Yama's since Ohno's was totally different from his usual ones, while Sho's not strikingly addictive but then it's that pattern of "listen and listen over and over and u'll appreciate it eventually" lol
Ohno's was more like a throwback to 80's music while Sho's like his old solos ie. Can't Let You Go which aren't so bad

Nino's solo was cute, esp the lyrics but i agree w/ the melody, it's just the same w/ that Tokubetsu song..but i guess he wanted it to be a lighthearted one for his mother instead of being all emo xD

im surprised w/ Jun's solo, i like it LOL..has that nice jazzy feel

Aiba's solo is my favorite, it's fresh to have him sing a slow tempo song..though i feel it might be hard for him to hit the high notes on the live perf

as for the album tracks my top 3 are Sayonara no Ato De, Ai wo Utaou & Rock Tonight

can i just say i freaking love some of the Sakurap esp on PARADOX and most of all, Ai wo Utaou

overall i really appreciate this new album and im glad it did well on its first day, would be better if it exceeds Popcorn's weekly

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Jan 20 15 4:05 PM

Sakura comes out on February 25, 2015.

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