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Jan 15 13 1:00 PM

the song is really great *_*

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Feb 22 13 2:28 AM

Breathless PV short version

hasn't it been a while that they've shown a short version for a PV? Breathless sure is getting a lot of tease compared to Calling smiley: tongue
hope they get to perform both songs on MS smiley: happy

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Mar 2 13 12:11 PM

the MS perfs were gold! love the interactions w/ their sempais SMAP
b-sides are very nice, no qualms except there's no making-of in this single but still it's an awesome release ^_^

OT someone pls update the thread title

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JPC Admin

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Mar 3 13 1:42 AM

^I tried but the dumb forum won't let me (says I need to add a topic I could try it by deleting the main post but umm, I feel like that would bother some people. 

EDIT: okay, the board let me change the SMAP thread title, I don't know why ONLY the Arashi thread won't let me. I thought maybe it was my computer's browser but if I can change the SMAP thread title then that doesn't make sense. 

Last Edited By: Callandra Mar 3 13 1:46 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#232 post_url

Mar 3 13 4:37 AM

Uh, I was able to change the thread title...

but it removed all images and thread formatting in the first post. o_O Don't know what happened there.

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Mar 6 13 6:21 AM

^all the weirdness aside, thank you mods for updating the title! though i can't help but feel apologetic to the thread starter smiley: frown
btw, 1st day for Calling x Breathless is 398,304

Last Edited By: onnanobaka Mar 6 13 8:23 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Mar 6 13 9:29 PM

OMG! I haven't been in here forever. Calling/Breathless is a solid single. Even the coupling songs are awesome. I hope fans vote for Full of Love in Arafes this year. I'm sure Calling and Breathless would be voted in for Arafes too. lols. 

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Mar 12 13 8:11 AM

^LOL it's been really lonely here xD
after absorbing the single, i can safely say Full of Love is my fav song and i also hope they'd get to sing it live on their concerts

Calling x Breathless weekly sales is 756,410 - their highest weekly sales ever
in awe on how much a 1 added version makes a difference w/ the sales xD
im glad for the boys =)
we'll just have to see if it reaches a million though i doubt it, maybe 900K at least

i wonder when they'll announce Popcorn DVD, since Hina did get to watch the test DVD c/o Nino xD

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Mar 12 13 12:34 PM

^ Lols. Yea, that's cause most Arashi fans are all in private Lj communities or on tumblr. Also, I don't think it's the added version that made this their highest selling single weekly sale. It contributed but looking back at their past Double A sides sales, there are a lot of factors that helped. Obviously, they are more popular than in early 2009 so it would sell more than their past double a sides. Second, The tie ins for Platina Data and Last Hope. Third, The Music Station performance. And lastly, the awesomeness of this single really made a lot of fans buy it cause its worth it. Lols. I didn't buy Your Eyes for that reason cause as much as I love Arashi, I'm not a collector so I only buy singles that I like. Yes! Popcorn DVD. Unlike singles, I always buy Arashi's concert DVDs. Always awesome and entertaining. I guess they are releasing it around Summer time? Nino and Hina's date was amusing too. I like Arashi and K8 together. if I was a producer, I'll give them a show together so they can do stupid things together as well. xD It would remind me of their junior days. Golden Agers for the win.

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Apr 9 13 2:39 PM

I'm not sure if you guys heard but Arashi is singing the theme song for Kazoku Game, Sho's new drama. The single would be called Endless Game and I believe they're shooting the PV today or yesterday. OMG, I'm so happy. They spoil me too much. I can't wait for my Popcorn DVD too. Also, glad to see Calling x Breathless and Arafes consistently selling well on the chart. Later.

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Apr 17 13 12:29 PM

Popcorn DVD's not out yet, they already announced a new single to be released after a month

41st single
Endless Game (5/29)
back to the usual 2 versions
LE consists of Endless Game w/ coupling song Magic Hour + karaoke ; Endless Game PV
RE consists of Endless Game w/ coupling songs Intergalactic, Monochrome + respective karaoke versions

clear preview of the song from the drama

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May 3 13 1:53 AM

Calling/Breathless was a really great release! The Popcorn DVD is amazing. The packaging is super cute!

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