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Sep 19 12 11:11 PM

first day of Arafes today! ppl can hear Arashi rehearsing on Kokuritsu right now.. y am i not there (>_<)
plus it seems the new compilation album's already out as well

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Sep 21 12 8:59 AM

tunes included on new album ^_^
4 singles - Meikyuu Love Song, Wild at Heart, Face Down, Your Eyes
7songs - Akashi, Kakenukero (5 yet TBA)
5 solos - TBA

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Sep 21 12 12:34 PM

you can preorder it already on different sites (CD Japan, Yesasia, HMV,, ...)
but the first press is sold out already on most of the sites...

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Sep 26 12 1:00 PM

whitedove wrote:
^ You meant October 5th? There's no MS this week. Since there will be weeks of absence, most probably the episode will be a special, which means it won't be surprising if they sing one of this year's singles.
yes you're right. i always make confusion when Msta updates the next live and think its the following week instead of checking out the air date.

as the new album is announced, they might sing a medley, old song+new song, or maybe 2 old songs (2 songs from the singles on the album)


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Sep 27 12 2:07 PM

Popcorn tracklist
1. Welcome to our party
2. Kakenukero
3. Wild At Heart
4. Face Down
5. We wanna funk, we need a funk (Vocal:Jun Matsumoto)
6. two (Vocal:Satoshi Ohno)
7. Waiting for you
8. Rakuen (Vocal:Masaki Aiba)
9. Tabi wa tsudzuku yo
10. Sore wa yappari kimideshita (Vocal:Kazunari Ninomiya)
11. Meikyuu Love Song
12. Your Eyes
13. Fly on Friday (Vocal:Sho Sakurai)
14. Cosmos
15. Akashi
16. Up to you


my dirty mind just misread Jun's solo LOL, though i can't fathom what sort of solo it'll be like..hopefully something totally different compared to Shake It xD
particularly hyped on Nino's solo, seems like another Niji / Doko ni Demo Aru Uta
and Ohno's two -- pls let it be like Take Me Faraway

only 2 versions released - same price but different jacket covers

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Oct 11 12 3:35 PM

Popcorn jacket covers!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

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Oct 14 12 5:52 PM

OMG the Limited Cover!!!!!! KAWAII*_*
its hilarious like the title (for an album) but...but...its so damn cute that i want to buy it right now!

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Oct 31 12 6:37 AM

first time ever for their album to reach 300K on first day..congratulations!! the PRs worked xD
finally listened to the album, i did have to continuously listen to SOME of the songs to like them though, nevertheless it's still a good album :Dv
and LOL at Jun's solo..sorry i just had to say it :p

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Oct 31 12 9:42 AM

from the oricon thread

   Time    Dream   Best    風景   World  Popcorn
月 -,---,--- -,---,--- -,---,--- -,---,--- -,---,--- -,---,---
火 *,*80,187 *,100,985 *,220,722 *,275,081 *,269,854 *,302,605
水 *,*53,381 *,*56,859 *,171,046 *,183,521 *,145,895 *,***,***
木 *,*20,365 *,*19,183 *,120,568 *,109,659 *,*73,337 *,***,***
金 *,*11,571 *,*15,111 *,*74,411 *,*54,727 *,*51,161 *,***,***
土 *,*11,531 *,*14,824 *,*65,443 *,*42,160 *,*38,213 *,***,***
日 *,*13,835 *,*13,760 *,*50,223 *,*41,130 *,*32,619 *,***,***
計 *,190,870 *,220,722 *,742,767 *,706,278 *,611,079 *,302,605
周 *,190,870 *,220,722 *,753,430 *,730,851 *,630,951 *,***,***
累 *,313,228 *,321,728 1,890,417 1,131,391 *,935,959 *,***,***

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Nov 1 12 7:37 AM

On the second day they sold 166k... So lower than Best and Boku, but quite a bit higher than Beautiful! They're already 50k ahead of the sales of that album, let's hope they keep it up and get a first week of over 700k, and an album selling over a million WITHOUT a reissue!

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Nov 4 12 2:27 PM

im just amazed Popcorn is actually doing well, it already beat BW's 1st 5day sales xD's chaku-uta chart is actually flooded with album tracks, never seen that before on their previous albums, another reason to make me happy, seems ppl like it, come to think of it, i have been listening to the album for days now which is rare for me :p
i also hope it reaches 700K for weekly, much better a million before the charting year ends..i guess the 2nd week will hold the verdict? considering the only few weeks left for the year, im not really ecstatic as to whether they might reach a million in time..just being realistic, unless a miracle happens xD

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Nov 5 12 2:53 AM

^ Even if they follow Boku's trajectory (which is already massive I might add), Popcorn won't be able to reach 1 million before Oricon year ends, maybe around 950k. but it should be able to reach 1 million eventually.

However, if they follow BW's trajectory, then not only it won't be able to reach 1 million before Oricon year ends, its final tally will also fall short, maybe around 900k+.

You can always go to their generasia page to compare.

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#218 post_url

Nov 6 12 2:04 AM

i am aware of that, that's why i said im just being realistic, i should just be happy over the fact that despite the short run they still managed to sell that amount + they finally had their best first day, ironically at such extent where everyone (ME included) are already thinking they're already in the declining stage (sales-wise)

oh yeah, Aiba-chan's gonna be in a drama starting January next year, new single again :Dv

OT, but i really hope the thread title could be updated somehow xD

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Jan 11 13 3:52 PM

New Single (40!), double A-side, finally, released 6th March.
Calling / Breathless 3 versions, RE, LE Jacket A and LE Jacket B
For Last Hope (Aiba) drama and... something else we don't know yet.

Calling / Breathless
RE 1200yen
01 Calling
02 Breathless
03 [タイトル未定A]
04 [タイトル未定B]
05 Calling (オリジナル・カラオケ)
06 Breathless (オリジナル・カラオケ)
07 [タイトル未定A] (オリジナル・カラオケ)
08 [タイトル未定B] (オリジナル・カラオケ)

Calling / Breathless
LE (Jacket A): 1470Yen
01 Calling
02 Breathless

Breathless / Calling
LE (Jacket B) 1470Yen
01 Breathless
02 Calling

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