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singing the doom song...♪


Apr 17 11 3:05 PM

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:::ARASHI:::::BIOGRAPHY::ARASHI (嵐, Storm) is a Japanese idol group formed under the Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates, which announced the formation of the group on September 15, 1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The group was initially signed to Pony Canyon and released one studio album and six singles—beginning with their 1999 eponymous debut single—before moving to the Johnny's subsidiary label J Storm in 2001, which was initially set up for their succeeding releases. While their debut single debuted atop the Oricon weekly chart selling a little over half a million copies, the group subsequently faced slowly declining sales.
With the release of their eighteenth single Love So Sweet, ARASHI began gaining commercial success as Love So Sweet was used as the opening theme song for the high-rating dorama Hana Yori Dango 2, making it one of the top five best-selling singles of 2007 in Japan and the group's first single to exceed 400,000 copies sold overall in nearly seven years. For the next two years, ARASHI gained a number of achievements and records as they became the first artist to place the top two rankings on the Oricon singles yearly chart for two consecutive years with their singles Truth/Kaze no Mukou e and One Love in 2008 and Believe/Kumori Nochi, Kaisei and Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~ in 2009, simultaneously topped the 2009 Oricon singles, album and music DVD yearly charts, and became the third artist in Oricon history to monopolize the top three best-selling singles of the year. In 2010, all six of ARASHI's singles ranked within the top ten of the Oricon singles yearly chart, and their million-selling studio album Boku no Miteiru Fuukei was named the best-selling album of year in Japan.
-from wiki::MEMBERS::=========================================================================================::DISCOGRAPHY::=========================================================================================::UPCOMING RELEASE::DVD: ARASHI LIVE TOUR Beautiful World (JABA-5096, ¥5,800 / JABA-5101, ¥5,250)Release Date: 2012.05.23Info: Footage of their performance at Kokuritsu Kasumigaoka Kyogijo on September 3, 2011. Limited edition comes with digipak and 48-page booklet.DVD-1:01. Overture02. Believe03. Oh Yeah!04. Kotoba yori taisetsuna mono (言葉より大切なもの)05. A・RA・SHI06. Niji no kakera ~no rain, no rainbow~ (虹のカケラ~no rain, no rainbow~)07. Løve Rainbow08. Summer Splash!09. Hadashi no Mirai (ハダシの未来)10. Crazy Moon ~kimi wa muteki~ (Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~)11. Lucky Man12. Shake it! (Matsumoto Jun solo)13. Ashita no kioku (明日の記憶)14. Boku ga boku no subete (僕が僕のすべて)15. Hero16. "Janakute" (「じゃなくて」) (Aiba Masaki solo)17. Kono mama motto (このままもっと) (Sakurai Sho solo)18. Everybody zenshin (Everybody前進)19. Kitto Daijoubu (きっと大丈夫)20. HappinessDVD-2:21. Rock this22. always23. Lotus24. Beautiful days25. Hung up on (Ohno Satoshi solo)26. Doko ni de mo aru uta (どこにでもある唄。) (Ninomiya Kazunari solo)27. Attack it!28. morning light29. Mada minu sekai e (まだ見ぬ世界へ)30. a Day in Our Life31. Troublemaker32. Love so sweet33. Sakura sake (サクラ咲ケ)34. Hatenai sora (果てない空)35. Tooku made (遠くまで)36. Kansha Kangeki ame arashi (感謝カンゲキ雨嵐)37. Natsu no namae (夏の名前)38. Fight Song (ファイトソング)39. CARNIVAL NIGHT part240. One Love41. Gorimuchuu (五里霧中)42. 5×10 DVD-3: (Limited edition only)"Special Footage" (approx. 80 minutes)Links:CDJapan: Limited Edition / Regular Edition--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------39th Single: Your Eyes
(JACA-5319, ¥1,400 / JACA-5321, ¥1,200)Release Date: 2012.06.06Limited Edition:01. Your Eyes02. Kimi ga Irukara03. Kimi ga Irukara (Original Karaoke)DVD:Your Eyes (Video Clip)Regular Edition:01. Your Eyes02. voice03. Hanabi04. Your Eyes (Original Karaoke)05. voice (Original Karaoke)06. Hanabi (Original Karaoke)Links: CDJapan: Limited Edition / Regular Edition=========================================================================================::RECENT RELEASES::38th Single: Face Down
(JACA-5314, ¥1,470 / JACA-5316, ¥1,000)Release Date: 2012.05.09Limited Edition:01. Face Down02. Hitori janai sa 03. Hitori janai sa (Original Karaoke)DVD: Face Down (Video Clip)Regular Edition:01. Face Down02. Mezashita Mirai e 03. Face Down (Original Karaoke) 04. Mezashita Mirai e (Original Karaoke)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------37th Single: Wild at Heart (ワイルドアットハート)
(JACA-5309~5310, ¥1,470 / JACA-5311, ¥1,200)Release Date: 2012.03.07Limited Edition:01. Wild at Heart02. How Can I Love DVD: Wild at Heart (Video Clip)Regular Edition:01. Wild at Heart02. Tsuite Oide 03. Futari no Katachi 04. Wild at Heart (Original Karaoke) 05. Tsuite Oide (Original Karaoke) 06. Futari no Katachi (Original Karaoke) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------36th Single: Meikyu Love Song
(NEOARASHI-1006, ¥1,400 / JACA-5287, ¥1,200)Release Date: 2011.11.02Limited Edition:01. Meikyu Love Song02. Kienu OmoiDVD: Meikyu Love Song (Video Clip)Regular Edition:01. Meikyu Love Song02. together, forever03. Utakata04. wanna be... 05. Meikyu Love Song (Original Karaoke)
06. together, forever (Original Karaoke)
07. Utakata (Original Karaoke)
08. wanna be... (Original Karaoke) =========================================================================================::LINKS::Official Websites: Arashi / Johnny's Web / Johnny's TaiwanWikipedias: English wiki / Japanese wiki / generasia

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#1 post_url

Apr 18 11 6:31 AM

took me a while to finally come here..i had no idea that jpm moved..LOL
feels good to have a new home..

and thank you Fructose for starting the Arashi thread smiley: smile

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#2 post_url

Apr 22 11 5:49 AM

where are the other girls posting here? they doesn't seem to know jpm moved already xD
i feel alone

also.. Arashi, when are you gonna have a new release? thank goodness there's still variety shows to keep me company

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Posts: 369 singing the doom song...♪

#3 post_url

Apr 22 11 6:36 AM

there's nothing to post about since they aren't doing anything right now
but i do hope that they'll announce an album soon, maybe for July or August

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#6 post_url

Apr 28 11 1:39 PM

The badge is really cute <3

Teaser for Kaibutsu-kun movie was relased. The movie will open in Ohno's birthday 11/26.

You think Arashi will do the theme song, a new one?

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#7 post_url

Apr 28 11 9:19 PM

Kaibutsukun stepping on poop is so hilarious xD
new theme song is not a bad idea, though i think Monster is already fitting for the movie.. maybe an insert song??

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Posts: 369 singing the doom song...♪

#10 post_url

May 6 11 12:38 PM

Shouldn't we be getting a new album instead of a single though? They have enough for an album at this point.

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#11 post_url

May 7 11 12:23 PM

Mgirl scans! ♥_♥ thank you so much for posting them!
Aibaby y so gorgeous? i can live up to these for now while waiting for a naked edition on AnAn xD

same feelings with linlin :p
there were rumors going over at twitter last week about Arashi being spotted somewhere (i forgot the exact place) filming for a PV
and the new Ohno drama rumor seems to be still going strong

though i wonder the same with fructose, there should be a new album soon..last single included on BnMf was Monster..
To Be Free, Love Rainbow, Dear Snow, Hatenai Sora, Lotus, [new single] for the next album is too much there's not much room for new songs xD

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Posts: 369 singing the doom song...♪

#12 post_url

May 7 11 3:58 PM

Or they might release a new single before an album, but the single won't be on the album just like what they did with "To be free".
I'm hoping for something to be released in July

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#14 post_url

May 9 11 12:12 AM

The DVD LE is so shiny!! Documentary, interviews and PV!! kjfdhkadjfhglkadjhgslkgkdjfskjfgslkfjgsdfshlfdkjhgs

But I want the album too DX

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Posts: 287 フューチャーキッス 

#16 post_url

May 9 11 7:03 AM

Got the advance pre-order links from Neowing for both the album and DVD and now they're already all filled. For the album at least.

I wonder what made their management decide to release an album without releasing any other singles this year. Hmm.

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#18 post_url

May 9 11 10:58 AM

so the DOME dvd has the con at Fukuoka..i still hope they'd show Satoshi no Kioku even just on the documentary.. either way there's still Mada Ue finally!!

album title makes me think most of the new songs will either be ballads, or their usual happy genki ones..can't wait for more info!

Lotus is included on the new album though

thanks for the post update! is it ok to request to edit the thread title too with the new releases and dates?? xD

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Posts: 259 Japan doesn't care, but I do! 

#20 post_url

May 9 11 7:48 PM

What's the difference between the limited and regular edition for the tour DVD? Just the cover?

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