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Apr 13 11 11:26 AM

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Post below Western Music Chats, obviously related only to the Western music.

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Apr 14 11 3:17 AM

Robyn performed Dancing On My Own on Ellen today. It was a fantastic performance! ... 66da34217c

I hope this helps the song in the US.

She also performed Call Your Girlfriend and DOMO on Jimmy Kimmell last night. I only saw CYG but she was really good! It was a really energetic performance.



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Apr 14 11 7:18 AM

I think Rebecca Black will be the next phenomena of her generation. FRY DAY is really addictive and disturbing at the same time.

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Apr 14 11 11:15 AM

Brandur - The Illusion Of

Plain White T's - Boomerang

Blue - I Can

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Apr 14 11 5:45 PM

The new Beyonce snippet is going to smash on the charts I can guarantee, because of the repetitive note of "girls, girls, girls" :P

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Apr 14 11 10:18 PM

How about that S&M remix with Britney Spears.  I think if you added Steven Hawkings in place of Brit, the vocoder would be less choppy.  here I thought Kanye in Katy Perry's song was a way to ruin a song.

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Apr 15 11 12:47 AM

I'm not that big fan of the original, but the remix with Britney is just bad. Britney doesn't even sound like she's trying in the song. I dunno. Somehow her vocals sound hollow to me.

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