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Jul 1 11 7:08 PM

and still japan area only who can get the lottery-fan =3=

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Jul 6 11 12:15 AM

Nice.  That's a pretty short preview, but I haven't liked the sound of an a-side from her this much since "Doko".  B0b268e653b8a40783297dc6ad6c1609b0cb7980_r

I hope her next album is better than her last two.  I've really liked her post-HOCUS POCUS singles, but I wonder if they can fit well the same album.

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Return Road Episode II

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Jul 6 11 12:15 AM

The song sound pretty good and omg she proved me wrong!! From the title at first I thought it's gonna be a ballad type of song, but dis gurl prove me wrong

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Jul 6 11 8:43 PM

another one

a Little MAMA is back to the line!


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Jul 7 11 5:52 AM

uncle Jemima wrote:
what is a ring a ding dong again? this is the kaela I've been waiting for ♥

My thoughts exactly! To be honest, it was a bit unfair of me to panic like she was turning entirely cutesy with Ring a Ding Dong. We had You Bet! and Deep Beep before (two of my favourites) and A Winter Fairy is Melting a Snowman isn't a really cutesy song either, although I still can't get over the lyrics.

So anyway, really happy with this. Can't wait for her new album!

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Jul 7 11 12:03 PM

Oh, what good use of latex gloves. Such an awesome PV.

Loved how she looked right into the camera when she goes "Get ready", and the robot that reconstructs itself.

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