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Dec 14 12 9:25 AM

Thanks, ARUTO! It's funny how they are not using "so i" in this CM even though it has a PV...

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Dec 14 12 10:11 AM

^ At this point, I wonder if "so I" will be used to promote the album or if it's just a "bonus content" they added to the DVD, since the album is almost here and "WONDER Bolt" is being used as the promo track instead.

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Dec 14 12 2:04 PM


01 200.80 Ikimonogakari - Baradon
02 64.40 UNICORN - Quarter Century Single Best
03 60.70 Kimura Kaela - Sync
04 49.40 UNICORN - Quarter Century Live Best
05 47.10 Choshinsei - SUPERNOVA COLLECTIONS
06 42.60 THE ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI - THE BEST 2007-2012 Oretachi no Ashita
07 32.80 Makihara Noriyuki - Dawn Over the Clover Field
08 21.80 Kusuo - √0
09 19.10 m-flo - m-flo DJ MIX "BON! ENKAI"
10 16.20 HMO Toka no Naka no Hito。 (PAw Laboratory.) - (Near Equal) MULTIPLIES

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Dec 16 12 8:53 AM

I'm not sure who said it might sound like Hocus Pocus, but he or she couldn't have been more wrong!

I ADORE the album! Seriously fantastic. It's a bit in the same vein as 8EIGHT8, only this time witbout the annoying Ring a Ding Dong cutesy tune. I mean, Wonder VOLTS sort of fills that position, but that doesn't annoy me nearly as much. Cherry Blossom surprised me as I liked it a lot - despite me dreading the song, thinking it would be the bazillionth sakura mid-tempo love ballad. There's nice variation here. I'm definitely getting it.

I don't get care if she's less popular than before (selfish, I know), if she keeps on churning out great music like this I won't mind : P

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#506 post_url

Dec 16 12 9:12 AM

I thought I would not like Sync as much as I love 8EIGHT8 but I have to say that both are my favourites, Sync is like a second part of 8EIGHT8 and I loved it, every song, even "so i"
I am probably going to play the album nonstop for the next 2 weeks or more ahahaha
coffee, sorry and Cherry Blossom are my favoutires, as expected, but the other new songs are amazing!

And, gosh, I love this woman! She never disappoints me! <3

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#507 post_url

Dec 16 12 9:43 AM

This album leaves me a bit cold after the first listen. While is good overall, with some awesome tracks here and there ("coffee", "Synchronicity", "Merry Go Round" and "WONDER Volt" + "Mamireru" are the best ones) I feel like it lacks the "Kaela touch", that even "HOCUS POCUS" had. Dunno.

Overall, it's a nice album, but not at the same level of "8EIGHT8".

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#508 post_url

Dec 16 12 9:14 PM

nackar wrote:
I'm not sure who said it might sound like Hocus Pocus, but he or she couldn't have been more wrong!
I never said it might sound like HOCUS POCUS.  I said the Sync's clown cover art reminded me of the of the overly childish design of HOCUS POCUS.


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#510 post_url

Dec 17 12 12:37 PM

So that comment was directed at me. Should've known.  C28268d64cb614f8844920c1b302440aff8ddd1f_r

I never said that Sync sounded like HOCUS POCUS. What I meant was I had an initial opinion that Sync could end up like HOCUS POCUS as one of my least favorite albums overall after listening to the previews, because I wasn't feeling most of them. Some of the songs I like on Sync had really forgettable previews.

Listening to the full album though, my opinion has changed. It does have some boring tracks, but overall I love it. It doesn't beat my current favorites, +1 and Scratch, however. It ties with 8EIGHT8 as my third favorite album right now.

And just because...album ranking from most favorite to least favorite:
+1 > Scratch > Sync = 8EIGHT8 > Circle > HOCUS POCUS

Still haven't listened to her first album yet. I think I want to now.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. smiley: smile

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

#511 post_url

Dec 18 12 10:43 PM

listened to the album today, nothing really stood out as being that good. but to be fair, i listened to most of it on on the train with my Steve Jobs quality earphones so it wasn't a fair listen. some of the songs sounded like they might be good but i'll have to actually listen to the album again so i can hear the songs before i make judgments.

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#512 post_url

Dec 18 12 10:52 PM

what was her label smoking, HERO has hit written all over it DX

should have been a single, this album is okay.....I like most of it but her single tracks really sucked this era

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#514 post_url

Dec 19 12 2:39 PM

I wasn't expecting something "amateur" like this but I couldn't stop smiling ahahaha
I liked it, as I like "so i" too :X

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#515 post_url

Dec 20 12 4:38 AM

mini wrote:
what was her label smoking, HERO has hit written all over it DX
I know right?  Both HERO & MY WAY were good enough to be singles.  BTW, WONDER Volt should've been released during Halloween & squashed that awful HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA single. 7ed16369b2478598ce6f55746fa66118356979de_r


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#516 post_url

Dec 20 12 6:04 AM

Really? haha for me, "HERO" and "MY WAY" are quite meh and forgettable. "HERO" sounds like a HOCUS POCUS track (which is not bad, but not my thing) and "MY WAY" goes nowhere imo. "Synchronicity" or "Merry Go Round" would have been great singles (and "coffee" instead of "Sun shower"...)

Last Edited By: ARUTO Dec 20 12 6:09 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#517 post_url

Dec 20 12 6:33 AM

So I isn't that bad, I really like the verses, the "chorus" is a mess though.
HERO is my favorite ♥ so funky and cool! Cherry Blossom is cute and fresh too, really liking it!
MY WAY could have been awesome but it gets boring after the first chorus.. Still not liking WONDER Volt, the intro and verses are great, but I really can't get into the chorus.
coffee will probably grow on me, it's very soothing and relaxing. The rest of the album was okay-ish, nothing spectacular (incl. singles which were probably some of the weakest tracks lol)
Not my favorite album at all, but it has some nice tracks

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#520 post_url

Dec 25 12 8:30 AM

Ouch... only half of her last album sales! I feel very sorry for her and can't believe she was on Top with Butterfly and Ring a Ding Dong 2 years ago.

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