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Nov 16 12 9:50 AM

Why does she always do this? :/ Going to cut the promo picture and use it as the cover

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Nov 19 12 1:27 AM

First a spider (8EIGHT8) now a clown (Sync)?  Now I actually liked how 8EIGHT8 was executed, but these covers are another step back to the overly kiddish HOCUS POCUS.  Hopefully the music will be good.

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Nov 23 12 4:20 PM

New photobook 「COLOR」

I would have preferred this as cover for Sync

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Nov 29 12 3:52 AM

This still makes me vomit with delight. This model....

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Nov 29 12 7:35 AM

I wasn't expecting WONDER Volt to have a PV but it is amazing and the song is perfect, Kaela never disappoints me Where is "so i" now? ahahaha

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Nov 29 12 7:38 AM

^ I like the song and the PV suits her wacky persona! Not a fan of her new cover though - I think the problem lies with her hair =.= It might look easier on the eye if she straighten her hair instead. The cover made her looks pretty clownish IMO.

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Dec 11 12 6:06 PM

Better than expected! Overall, it sounds more dancey yet relaxed, compared to 8EIGHT8. I'm loving "coffee" (so beautiful!), "Merry Go Round" and "sorry". The latter is nothing special, but the way she sings is quite different and I like it so much

Now... WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING TO RELEASE "so I" AS PROMO (that if she ever releases the PV...)??? It's like, the worst track based on the previews? Bye girl.

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Dec 11 12 6:57 PM

"coffee" is my favourite even though I didn't understand her english <3 ahahah "sorry" and "Cherry Blossom" are nice as well but I'm afraid I won't like Sync as much as I like 8EIGHT8 :/ Judging from the previews I think most of them are forgetable but I hope I'm wrong!! And, yes, "so i" is not what I expected for a promo track...

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Dec 12 12 4:11 AM

OMG I need MY WAY in my life. RIGHT. NOW.

Judging from the previews, this album is shaping up to be similar to HOCUS POCUS for me where I don't like the album as a whole, but it has that ONE song that I can't get enough of (Kimi ni Aitai). Maybe that will change when I listen to the songs in full.

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Dec 14 12 8:45 AM

"Sync" CM

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