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May 9 11 12:18 PM

LMAO at the photo. They're like the rainbow in the sky with those colorful outfits and the sky background

As for the song, I can't say too much because the quality isn't that good, but the song sounds alright. It reminds me of Link, but not as catchy. I'll have to see if this song grows on me. The guitar sounds great though.

edit: here's a version that has less noise.

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May 9 11 3:15 PM

Oh, I like the new song, it's nice to hear hyde singing so good again, not screaming or grunting. And i'ts a catchy song, not like the other FMA songs, but catchy enough for me to have the "Good luck my way shinjiru miche e~" stuck in my head
Now I want a PV, a colorful one, please

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May 9 11 5:50 PM

I liked this song, I think it's similar to some older songs from they

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May 9 11 7:20 PM

I really like it I don't think that anything they could have done could've disappointed me, though. From the preview, I thought it was going to sound a lot like Nexus 4, but it doesn't so I'm much happier. Definitely does have a link feeling though.

I just want a better version soon so I can hear the bass clearly >.>

I think the picture looks really good, too hyde's stripiness momentarily stunned me, though.

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May 10 11 1:10 PM

GOOD LUCK MY WAY is really growing on me. I downloaded a pretty good quality radio rip, and I gotta say, hyde's vocals are lovely. I definitely won't miss the growls he does in VAMPS songs hehehe

the song definitely sounds like a tetsuya song. I'll be shock if it isn't

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May 10 11 4:17 PM

i like it but the Chorus is a bit weak and nothing special imo, its a positive straight forward song reminds of ready steady go and link .

i also thing this song was wirtten by tetsuya and no one else!

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May 12 11 5:11 AM

Ken will be at the TOKYO GUITAR SHOW 2011!

And here's an additional info from their official website:

L'Arc-en-Ciel's 20th anniversary performances on Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29 at Ajinomoto Stadium will be shown live in 40 Japanese movie theatres and in six locations across the world (Paris, London, New York, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea)!

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May 13 11 12:30 PM

omg they have one in NYC? Damn I'm going to go!

does anyone know where to get tickets?
besides Japan, here are the oversea viewings!!

Paris (MEGA CGR. Torcy)

London (Apollo Piccadilly Circus)

New York (Big 59 Manhattan)

Taiwan (Vie Show Hsin Yi)

Hong Kong(MCL Cinema)

Korea (Cinus)

edit: OK FOR NEW YORKERS!~ I just called Big Cinema and they said they haven't received any details on it yet, but once they do, they'll update their website so you can buy the tickets (or go to them to buy tickets)

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May 13 11 3:58 PM

Aww wish I lived in London! Or that for some random reason they'd decide to show it in Inverness. Or Glasgow - I'd travel! Kinda jealous! Amazing that they're actually showing it abroad though (is that cause they're not touring overseas this year?)

Anyone going let us know how good it is!


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May 13 11 8:18 PM

I kinda want to travel to London to watch it, only 1 hour away from where I live! So near, yet so far

Since the live starts 5:00pm in Japan, that means it's 8:00am in London and 6:00am in New York!

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