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Jan 16 15 7:38 PM

Tour title is officially:



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Jan 18 15 8:10 PM

Shiroi Kisetsu will be featured on the drama "Second Love" (starring Kazuya Kamenashi & Kyoko Fukuda) as insert song:

The single is now up for pre-order and apparently will include 5 tracks (

And according to Misia's producer there will also be a secret track!

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Feb 19 15 1:12 PM

perfectodub wrote:
hi guys! i need a little of your help, i want to pre-order the Candle Night DVD/blu.-ray (actually i only care the blu-ray) but the info on HMV (where is cheaper for me to buying) is not clear at all
they don't specify if this is a DVD only product or the DVD-BR set, what do you think?
Catalogue Number : BVBL-115/6

It's a DVD-BR set. BVBL-115 = DVD, BVBL-116 = Blu-ray

They're not selling them separately for whatever reason (bummer, I could've done without the DVD, lol)

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Apr 13 15 8:25 PM

listening the voice of MISIA always is a pleasure to the hears and even more on live!

this is a collection of popular songs that i ripped from her Dvd concerts to mp3



01 Wasurenai Hibi ~TOUR 2004 MARS & ROSES~
02 Kokoro Hitotsu ~TOUR 2004 MARS & ROSES~
04 Everything ~TOUR 2004 MARS & ROSES~
05 Dance Medley ~TOUR 2004 MARS & ROSES~

07 To Be In Love ~TOUR 2008 Eighth World~
08 Everything (Junior + Gomi Remix)~TOUR 2008 Eighth World~
09 Taiyō no Chizu ~TOUR 2008 Eighth World~

10 Discoteque Medley ~TOUR DISCOTEQUE 2009~

12 HOLIDAY ~Hoshizora no Live VII 2014~
13 DEEPNESS ~Hoshizora no Live VII 2014~
14 HOPE&DREAMS ~Hoshizora no Live VII 2014~

15 Discoteque Medley ASIA ~TOUR DISCOTEQUE 2009~
16 Taiyō no Chizu (Gomi's Vajra Mix) ~TOUR DISCOTEQUE 2009~
17 We Are the Music ~TOUR DISCOTEQUE 2009~

18 Disco Medley" ~Soul Quest 2012~

i hope you like it! smiley: wink

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Apr 18 15 1:52 AM

Setlist for MOON JOURNEY:

1 桜ひとひら Amazon Youtube
2 陽の当たる場所 Amazon Youtube
3 めくばせのブルース Amazon Youtube
4 Royal Chocolate Flash Amazon Youtube
5 花 Amazon Youtube
6 真夜中のHIDE-AND-SEEK Amazon Youtube
7 ANY LOVE Amazon Youtube
8 アイヲシルセカイ Amazon Youtube
9 明日はもっと好きになる Amazon Youtube
10 It's just love Amazon Youtube
11 白い季節 Amazon Youtube
12 LUV PARADE Amazon Youtube
13 Sir Duke カバー曲 Amazon Youtube
14 I Want You Back カバー曲 Amazon Youtube
15 Color of Life Amazon Youtube
16 Re-Brain Amazon Youtube
17 HOPE & DREAMS Amazon Youtube
18 One day, One life Amazon Youtube
19 流れ星 Amazon Youtube

(Couldn't be bothered cutting out the links, lol). Not bad, I was really hoping for DEEPNESS *_* 7 weeks until I see her in Miyazaki, pumped af!

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Jul 5 15 6:27 PM

MISIA has a new digital single out this week - 流れ星 / あなたにスマイル:)with 明日はもっと好きになる as a b-side. She performed tracks 1 and 3 on the tour.

By the way, I saw the tour in Miyazaki last month and her voice is even better live! But it was a bit hard to get into the show because I only knew half the songs. She had a 5 piece band and 3 backing singers. The stage was gorgeous, it was a giant fabric crest designed with the tour logo on it, the band were set up on the bottom half and the top half hung behind them (it was continuous though). "花" is a new song she hasn't even recorded yet! It's a nice ballad, the lyrics are a bit generic though.

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Jul 20 15 7:18 AM

So 流れ星 is a theme track for the movie S -最後の警官- 奪還 RECOVERY OF OUR FUTURE. I know the full-length track is out already, but somehow I like the track a lot more with scenes from the movie.


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Aug 7 15 2:18 PM

MISIA performed on TV for NHK again! She sang "Sakura Hitohira" in commemoration of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

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Sep 22 15 5:01 PM

New 35th Single "Orphans no Namida" is out on 11/25!


M1.オルフェンズの涙 MBS/TBS系列全国28局ネット「機動戦士ガンダム 鉄血のオルフェンズ」エンディングテーマ
M3.EDGE OF THIS WORLD ”Gomi’s Work It! Remix” (Limited edition only)

Also, she's releasing a compilation album of live tracks (from the Hoshizora no Live series)! <-- no date on this one


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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

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Dec 6 15 4:55 PM

New album in January will be called LOVE BEBOP (according to generasia which isn't the most reliable source).

I didn't know what bebop was so I looked it up, and I hope there isn't actually bebop on the album. From the description, it seems like music for music snobs.

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Dec 8 15 8:08 AM

I doubt the album will actually be a bebob one in terms of genre. However I must admit that the Orphan song sounds slightly different from her most recent ballads.....but more like a reject track from her SINGER FOR SINGER era???

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