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Feb 26 13 10:09 AM

Well deserved #1. I'm so happy that her first week sales is really nice for a solo female artist (she surpassed Mika and Ayumi), and I think she'll be able top reach 100k.

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Mar 7 13 9:15 PM

is that an English phrase book she has?

would've come in handy with the David Foster interview too. "oh yes, racehorse!"

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Mar 22 13 9:34 PM

lol I never understood why but a lot of those karaoke shows (or it may be that one in particular) have badly drawn pictures of the original artist, which are very very unflattering.

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Apr 8 13 12:35 AM


MISIA Candle Night Fes. is coming this summer! more info here:
Taipei/Hong Kong live info here:

Tomorrow MISIA will be a special guest at Ellie Omiya's (she directed the PV for "HOLIDAY") art exhibition
It will air live on Ustream:

MISIA will be on at 6pm JST (that's 5am for me here in Canada, oop) She was supposed to do this guest appearance on the 5th but she fell ill and had to cancel.

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Apr 14 13 11:33 PM


MISIA will be holding her first "All Night Nippon" radio show ("MISIA VINYL NIGHT") in 4 years tonight @ 8pm JST on Nippon Housou!
It's broadcast online (for Japan only) too:


The web radio Suono Dolce will broadcast a rerun on April 20 @ 7pm JST:

If you want to listen live you can always try this tutorial on how to make work abroad:

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May 21 13 2:36 AM

"MAWARE MAWARE feat. Doudou N'Diaye Rose" goes on sale digitally on May 29!

Also, MISIA recorded a new song that will be used in "Zexy" commercials (Zexy is a wedding planning site/magazine) starting tomorrow!

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