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Jul 1 12 2:12 PM

His previous one did 115k in total, though, right? Plus it had ZERO longevity.

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Jul 13 12 8:35 PM

New updates

-B'z releasing a self-titled English Album on 25 July.


1. Love Bomb (song for Pepsi NEX Summer Line)
2. Splash
3. Juice
4. Ultra Soul
5. Intro Free -Dangan-

-B'z schedule on their website.

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Jul 17 12 3:57 AM

I think his voice sounds weird too. When I listened to ai no bakudan after listening to love bomb, it felt totally different. Ai no bakudan is just so much... livelier.

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Jul 27 12 5:27 AM

B'z English album

I have to agree, I couldn't believe that was Koshi singing on "love Bomb" - first time I heard it a a few days ago was sure it wa s acover band

He sounds weird on it, very unlike himself, and another thing is the unfortunate gloss applied to the song to where it now sounds very much like an emo-style teenage American rock/pop act. They definitely changed the lyrics too, the translation doesn't seem like the original 'Ai no Bakudan'

None of the tracks I'd rate higher than the originals; 'Ultra Soul' for example is good, but is missing some of the groove the original Japanese versions had. It's a bit too smooth.

Splash rates higher, maybe on par with original version, 'Juice' has the energy but little touches missing like the "Babe it's alright" back vox.

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Jul 27 12 7:56 PM

Splash isn't that bad, but I still prefer the live version of Splash in their long time no see tour last year.

Juice was slightly better than the others (on my first listen) but I find something missing in it.

I like ultra soul with the electronic sounds so... :/

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Jul 28 12 4:16 AM

I find it quite funny to see how Japanese Artists change their style when they want to release something overseas .. i wonder why they don't understand that we love and hear them because of their japanese style not because they sound like an American Emo Rock/Pop Act (like IrelandCalling said) or whatever you call it.

I just hope Yoshiki doesn't do the same with the "new" English Debut Album of X-Japan.

Last Edited By: musikuss Jul 28 12 4:18 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Aug 2 12 6:54 PM

The English lyrics aren't that great, doesn't flow as well.
I actually quite like the English version of 'Home' though (from B'z The Best "ULTRA Treasure" back in 2008)

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Oct 5 12 12:10 AM

B'z LIVE in L.A. 2012 "B'z LIVE-GYM 2012 -Into Free-" Tour Final at the Gibson Amphitheatre will be streamed by GyaO! and Ustream.

Start time: Sunday, October 7 at 7:30pm PDT (US Pacific Time)
(Japan time: Monday, October 8 at 11:30am JST)

GyaO! special page:


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Oct 7 12 10:26 PM

I was so sad that I ended up missing them in Seattle, I returned the day after their concert there, so I am excited to still be able to see them on this tour live, even if it has to be over the internet.

Set List:

Love Bomb
Ultra Soul (English version)
SPLASH! (English version)
Brighter Day (English version)
Easy Come, Easy Go
Mou Ichido Kisushitakatta
Mienai Chikara
- Instrumental Break- (covered Led Zepplin's Dazed and Confused?)
Negai (finishing the song)
Into Free -Dangan-
juice (English version)
It's Showtime!

(Tak w/Masuda jam)
Home (English version)

Last Edited By: seca Oct 8 12 12:16 AM. Edited 23 times.

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Mar 25 13 12:42 AM

B'z have announced two Best-of albums and a massive Summer Tour for their 25th anniversary! Each of the two Best albums will also come with 2 new, unreleased songs (for a total of 4 new tracks).

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