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Oct 25 11 11:37 AM

I think I missed the download for Zelda 4 swords I left it so long woops, talking of Zelda it became the first game in the United States to sell 500 000 copies.

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Nov 12 11 4:50 PM


man I gotta get this cold checked out before I go back to work at best buy. :p

Seriously thinking about grabbing one out of pure impulse.

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Nov 13 11 2:24 PM

I'm thinking of a way to give back my 3DS and get this Zelda 3DS but I forget how much it is here in Europe. I don't want to lose out on too much money but look at IT. ITS SEX

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Nov 16 11 10:11 AM

Hmm, maybe I'll get myself a nice Christmas present this year. I still have my DS Lite lying around, so if I can get a discount by trading it in, I'd say that's a good deal (I know they also did this when the 3DS was just released, but the price was still too high for my liking).

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Feb 25 12 9:01 PM

^ I wasn't planning on buy the 3rd Gen V game, but seeing it's also for the 3DS, I'm planning on buying it.

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Feb 26 12 11:01 AM

MistyCami wrote:
^ I wasn't planning on buy the 3rd Gen V game, but seeing it's also for the 3DS, I'm planning on buying it.

From the sound of it it's just the DS version of the game that will somehow take advantage of the DSI and the 3ds. I'm assuming that only means camera aspects...

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Feb 27 12 2:11 PM

I don't think it will have any DSi or 3DS features at all, just a standard DS game. I don't mind this at all because I was expecting it. The next "fresh" generation is most likely to be the one made just for the 3DS.

It's also got a release date for Autumn in Europe and America. (Japan gets it in June). I'm surprised they didn't give it a 6 month gap like Black & White, so it would coincide with a Christmas release. 

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Posts: 844 "☆KYAH!☆

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Apr 20 12 11:55 PM

They just had a stream conference.

"Get ready to update your Nintendo #3DS on 4/25! This system update will let you organize your HOME Menu"

people that have 3DS will agree that the HOME Menu is a chaos if yout have a lot of programs, demos, trailers, games and apps. But now we'll be able tu put all in diferent folders! so cool ñ__ñ

Also they announced a New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS for this agoust. The Animal Crossing finally is delayed to autumn.

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May 17 12 3:52 PM

Probably in time for Christmas? They have stopped producing the Aqua Blue in Japan, and are going to introduce a purple for America. 

Also annoyed, "The Kingdom Hearts 3D “Mark of Mastery Edition”" is only going to be released in NA, and not Europe. 

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May 26 12 3:15 AM

Kingdom Hearts DDD, Golden Sun 4, Metroid 5 and Majora's Mask 3D and my 3DS will be made profitable °3° That's already 1 out of 4, now come on E3, amaze me (at least for GS4 et Metroid 5, cause the next Zelda 3DS will probably be a new one, which I don't refuse as long as it's not similar to the NDS episodes...).

And about KH, I personnaly am a bit disappointed of the limited edition but I guess it's better than no collector at all ( Yeay, vive la France -_- )

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May 31 12 3:04 PM

When is the white 3DS going to come out already?! ARGH!

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