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Jul 29 11 4:44 PM

^ Honestly, Mega Man in general isn't usually a hit for a long time now, with the exception of 9 and 10 (those two did pretty well for being digital). Starforce was a flop, the X series has only had modest success for a while, and EXE ended. He's only still relevant because he was such an icon back in the day (he was the face of CAPCOM until Ryu got more known). The series manages to get as many sales as it does mostly because it has well over a hundred titles, lol (one of the most terribly milked series, ever, and only second to Street Fighter in the CAPCOM universe, lolz). Of course, that doesn't mean that CAPCOM has to shit all over him and his fans. The Rockman series helped to make CAPCOM what it is today, so even if they want to retire him, they don't have to go about it the way that they are.
But about Legends 3, like Choski said, it was supposedly cancelled because of poor fan involvement and such. However, I think that is bullshit. That game would have been lucky to sell 100K, and CAPCOM should have known that. Therefore, from that start, this should have been a risk that was about pleasing fans who have been feeling left out lately. Or, if they weren't very serious about it from the beginning, then they never should have gotten fans so involved. Either way you look at it, CAPCOM acted like dicks about this. Besides, we pretty much do have proof that they were never serious about it, considering somebody with inside info leaked the cancellation of the game before it was ever speculated, even (for those who didn't see, somebody on 4chan had posted the exact day that it would be cancelled, and it actually happened, lol >_>).

Anyhow, fuck yes! for price drop. It's almost~ worth buying now, lmao (but Vita is still on top of the list ;X). I want more colours, though, too. Really like the purple one, but I'm waiting for the red. Also waiting for good games, of course, hah. I'm dying for the new Cooking Mama, but I wasn't going to pay $250 just for that (don't even want to pay $150). Hope that another Trauma Center will be revealed for the 3DS in the near future.

Lol, hadn't refreshed the page for a while, so I didn't realise that I was typing out some of what Furi Kuri already said. Oops. XP

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Return Road Episode II

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Jul 30 11 12:47 AM

nanakopy87 wrote:
^celticmoon mentioned about this on the 2 post above you

Sorry I didn't read the top postes hahaha. 

I am so happy with the price lowered!! Now I could finally buy it and play Zelda <3 <3

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JPC Admin

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Jul 30 11 5:36 AM

zelda has new game? i didn't know about didn't play my NDS since last month and i think i should play it back is too fun
i wanted to get 3DS when they begin to stop produce game for NDS

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Return Road Episode II

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Jul 31 11 3:31 AM

Well it's not a new game, but a remake into 3D which is anmazing from the preview and stuff. And I agree iPhone are great!! (Have over 200 something games that could keep me busy ) I would LOVE if they release a Pokemon game in 3D (not the Pokedex game thingy)

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Jul 31 11 11:51 AM


I think people have always wanted a PKMN game in 3D since R/B/Y....I always wonder why Nintendo/Game Freak/ Tajiri has never walked towards an actual PKMN game with the story of the whole 8 badges things yet.... I don't really count Colisseum and Gale of Darkness as such xD

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Aug 1 11 9:34 PM

choski2 wrote:
As of now, Capcom has cancelled the development and release of Megaman Legends 3 for the 3DS.

If you want the game to be released, there's a chance that Capcom might reconsider their minds about it if they get enough signatures on this petition. It's really easy (although it involves registering) and takes about 30 secs to do the whole thing.

Aww, crap. Capcom just officially announced that they have NO plans to continue with Megaman Legends 3 project, even if this petition gets enough signatures. Thanks for crushing thousands of fans hopes, Capcom.

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Aug 5 11 12:53 PM

JPC needs to start a fund raiser for me to get a 3DS it is just inhumane for me to live life everyday without the ability to play Zelda on that handheld. PM for where to send the money~ Kind Regards x

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Aug 10 11 9:26 AM

Uhh you missed my birthday so it best be free. Ill send you my address~ THANK YOU

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Aug 14 11 4:11 AM

Finally got a 3DS because of the promotion at Gamestop. I traded in a DS Lite and got the 3DS for $100. For those interested, the promotion is available to Powerup members only, and you can find the coupon in the active offers section of the website if you are a member. So glad I waited. My cousin is probably kicking himself right now because he bought it at full price at $250 a few months back.

I also got Super Street Fighter 4. Was thinking whether to get Ocarina of Time but didn't because I have already played it. Can't wait to get Devil Survivor Overclocked for the 3DS this month.

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Sep 13 11 12:16 AM

Monster Hunter 3 G this year in japan. aaaaaaaaaaand....Monster Hunter 4 ~cooming soon~ in 3DS. YES, 4 LOL (I expect it in 2013)
They aired the trailers of both games in Nintendo's Press Conference at Tokyo Game Show. In few minutes/hours we will have the trailers on youtube.

Also they announced a square enix RPG ~a la final fantasy Chronicles~ : Bravely Default -a very beautiful game with awesome sountrack, it uses RA tarjets - , MarioTennis, Hatsune Miku Projet Mirai (it use RA tarjets  too), Tekken 3D, Dynasty Warriors VS,  a girl game for desing and dress models lol, an strange game: tomodachi collection 3D (like sims, but with miis. and the miis can talk like a's so creepy lol) an spin-off of Fatal Frame/Project Zero (you have to use the cam of the 3DS and RA tarjets, it's cool), fire Emblem and some more new games.

Also showed new trailers of the games that we know like Zelda Skyward Sword (Wii), Mario Kart 7, Mario Land 3DS, Luigis Mansion, Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus etc

oh, and they will release a Pink 3DS this year in japan xD

also, this 28th we can download Zelda Ford Swords for free in the eshop <3

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Sep 13 11 12:33 AM

The new Squeenix RPG looks great (if only they could realize thats the stuff people want on consoles as well :p) But if more games like that get on the 3DS I might just consider it. Better showing so far than E3 but alot of these look really far away. Also the Tekken trailer kinda seemed to insinuate that SFxT was also coming to 3DS. Possibly that is since Ono was in the trailer lol (creator of SF4)

Also the FF music game looked more fun than I thought it would. 

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Sep 13 11 12:43 AM

wow I didn't noticed that SFxT thing! I hope that that game come to 3DS too! xD

btw, new items in Mario Kart 7: fire flower, metal kart, a seven (?) ..maybe there are more.
also a new character:  Lakitu lol
also you can play this mario kart in first person, like other race games. and using the giroscope for ride. 

sorry for my poor english lol smiley: roll

Last Edited By: Ikun Sep 13 11 12:53 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Sep 13 11 1:02 PM

Kiba wrote:
I am so hoping that Gundam 3DS game is going to be brought over the US.
Isn't it the same one that came out on the PSP a few months ago? 

And whats with that chicks hair in the RE video haha. 

Last Edited By: Furi Kuri Sep 13 11 1:04 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Sep 15 11 6:33 PM

I thought Mario Kart 7 was a tentative title or something.... but I guess not. Why not Mario Kart 3D?

Also, I wonder why they never released the original Tomodachi Collection in the west? It was a huge hit in Japan, and I'm sure it could have been huge anywhere else too. I wonder if it has to do with the voices... For Japanese, they can get by with having a sound for each kana, but it probably wouldn't be so easy for western languages. Anyway, I enjoyed the first one, but it did kinda get old fast. I hope they add some things that will make it playable for a longer period of time.

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Sep 28 11 9:42 PM

Zelda 4 Swords up for download, free for now get it while you can!

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